There are many people who love natural things to improve their home decoration. It will be nice to install candles into a mantel. You will need them to improve your decor but defense the natural feeling. You can use candle lanterns, tea lights, stands, trays, and bowls as well. Those elements are not only as candle holders but also decorative accents. In this article. We show you easy ways to combine candles and fireplace as follow:

Stylish White Fireplace With Bricks

Stylish white fireplace with bricks

In this picture, we can see a modern fireplace that is not used but looks so awesome with an eye-catching design. See the bricks backdrop and a chic brass candelabra that appear so cool. It can be an alternative design to a usual fire.

Brick Fireplace With A White Shabby Chic Mantel

Brick fireplace with a white shabby chic mantel

If you want to decorate your non-working fireplace, try this. The creator uses thin candles in candle holders inside. The bricks make it look more interesting with more candles in the mantel. Shabby chic styles will never out of date.

With A Mirror Screen

With a mirror screen

In this faux white fireplace, the creator completes it with a mirror screen. There are some pillar candles that look so elegant. We love the sunburst mirror as well that adds a vintage look. The vases on the mantel also improve its look.

With White Pillar Candles

With white pillar candles

Are you looking for a recommended fireplace decor that works well for any season? This faux fireplace with white pillar candles might what you need to see. It looks awesome with neutral ornaments and stars. What do you think about this fireplace decor?

Faux White Fireplace With Candles

Faux white fireplace with candles

There are some candles that placed on tree stumps in this white fireplace. It looks so shabby with candle lanterns and candles on the mantel too. This decor will work well for fall or winter. However, you don’t have to change it for other seasons.

Large Non-Working Fireplace

A fireplace with bricks inside looks so vintage and timeless. You can install various candle lanterns to give natural touches in the decor. Then, add some flowers and whitewashed baskets that will improve its decor as well. Cool, isn’t it?

Fireplace With Glass Candleholders

Fireplace with glass candleholders

Do you want to decorate your fireplace in a romantic look? This picture shows you to get it in a minimal budget. Look at the glass candleholders inside the fireplace and candle lanterns on the mantel that look so warm and cozy.

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