Do you have uncountable tissue paper in your home? Let’s make crafts out of them. They are versatile and cheap. Even a DIY newbie can create many things from them. Start with something for your decoration and a cute thing for your kids. We believe you are creative. By seeing the list below, you can create them in your version. So, what are you waiting for? Read carefully and start crafting with tissue paper more and more.

Tissue Paper Petal Strings



Wonderful! You can make these crafts as soon as possible. You will need various colors of tissue paper and thread. These vertical hanging garlands are mind-blowing. Use them to complete your spring decor. Feel free to customize the size and color you want. We suggest you see the tutorial from Ohhappyday.

Red and White Heart


You will need red and white tissue paper. Get cardboard and cut it into a heart. Attach the tissue paper to it. This craft works well to complete your Valentine’s Day decor. You can use it to add a romantic touch to your bedroom wall. See the complete tutorials here.

Beautiful Tissue Paper Snail

When the weather shows raindrops to the earth in the afternoon, it’s time to make a craft. What about creating this beautiful tissue paper snail? It looks so cute for your kid’s bedroom. Just cut out cardboard into a snail. Add colorful tissue paper using glue. Let it dry for about fifteen minutes. Check out here to see step-by-step tutorials.

Tissue Paper Fall Tree

Let’s make something that kids will be proud to hang on the fridge. Try this tissue paper fall tree craft in the evening. You don’t need to buy expensive materials cause what you should prepare is affordable. Get tissue paper in various colors. Sketch the tree brunches. Then, start making your tree. See here for more detailed instructions.

Tissue Paper Bird

Go making this little bird. You will need tissue paper in various colors, pipe cleaners, and google eyes. Your little kid will love this bird. Let him play with it for a while. Create as many as possible. Hang it to complete kid’s room decor.

Little Monster Tissue Paper

Improve kid’s room decoration with these little monsters. Prepare tissue color, craft paper, pom pom, and string or thread. Make the body by attaching tissue paper. Decorate it with eyes and mouth. We believe your kids will love these birds.


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