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DIY Eye-Catching Hand-Painted Shoes to Upgrade Your Style

We wear shoes everywhere and every day. We highly suggest you improve your shoes with hand-painted art. It will make your shoes look more eye-catching. Moreover, you will show personal character in your shoes too. This spring, let’s paint our old shoes and let their brand new. Adding art to shoes is a brilliant idea. See our list below. We have collected DIY painted shoes that will inspire you to add artistic feelings to your shoes. Check out further below!

DIY Floral Painted Pumps

Look at these pumps! Don’t you want to own them right now? No worry! You can make it by hand. These pumps with floral artistic paintings are timeless. You will need paint and a marker. Wearing these shoes will show how creative you are. Feel free to customize any floral pattern you love to your white pumps.

Hand Painted Owl Shoes

Use your shoes as the canvas for owls painting. Look at the owls that are so cute sitting on the branches. The shoes pretend as the sky. No matter what the colors of your canvas, owls will create such a natural design. It reminds us of the sun going down and waiting for sunset time.

A Girls on Flats Hand Painted Shoes

What a cute pair of shoes! A girl with blue eyes and blonde hair. Can you imagine wearing these shoes? You can make these for your little girls. For the one who loves casual and funky styles, she will love these shoes. What do you think? It might need several hours to finish, but you will love the result.

Painted Love Hearts

These gorgeous shoes will never go out of date, we are sure. Look at the contrasting color on the shoes! It reflects the owner’s spirit of love. Painting shoes with heart shapes can keep them on trend. Wearing these shoes for spring and summer will make you stand out.

Anime Painted Converse

What is your favorite amine series? Bring them on the canvas! Look at the picture! Wearing a pair of anime shoes is something unique you can do for your style. If your hand-painting skills are advanced, you can sell your product online and earn more dollars.

Daisy Painted Shoes

They are amazing, huh? We love the way the artist in adding daisies on the blank canvas. It is a creative project to lead your style to the next level. Hand painting is something that not everyone can do. However, anyone can start making and learning the techniques.



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