When the world is getting cooler, you should wear slippers inside. People buy slippers to keep their feed warm during the cold season. We suggest you make DIY slippers from old clothing materials. Is it possible to DIY slippers? Why not? As long as you have tools and supplies, you can do it. Check out our list below! You will get more inspiration on how to make DIY slippers from the things in your home.

DIY Rounded Toe Crochet Slippers

Diy rounded toe crochet slippers


Crocheting a pair of slippers is not just a dream. You can do it faster than you think. In this case, you will not spend much money. Make DIY slippers in your style by customizing the colors, size, and design. See the full tutorial on prakticideas.

DIY Crochet Slipper with A Flip-Flop Sole

Use the bottoms of old flip-flops as the bottom of your new DIY slippers. Then, combine them with crochet. Customizing these crochet slippers to your foot size is not hard. You are free to decide the color you want. See the steps to make a pair of slippers with flip-flop soles from fabartdiy.

Home Slipper Slides from Old Jeans

You might never think it is easy. You can make a pair of slippers from old jeans. We need the bottoms of broken flip-flops. Combine those two materials to get a new pair of homemade slippers. Customize IT BY ADDING RIBBON OR PEARL TO MAKE THEM MORE ADORABLE. Dare to make a pair of new slippers from old jeans? See the tutorials here.

DIY Easy Hand-Stitched Crossover Felt Slippers

Are you feeling more curious about the idea of making slippers? We can try various materials, like fabric. Instead of searching for leather, fabrics are cheaper. Though fabric slippers are only for indoor. But you will get them looks adorable. Check out how to make it from ragstocouture.

Cozy Crocheted Slippers with Non-Slip Pads

You will adore these ankle boot slippers at first sight. We are sure you can make them at home. As long as crocheting, this project is not tricky at all. See the design and pattern here. Then, make a pair of slippers with non-slip pads in your version.

DIY No-Sew Slipper Socks

Cool days make us want to wear woolen socks every day. However, socks aren’t enough for the one who has slippery wooden floors. You need the ones with non-slip bottoms. Check out the tutorials here. You will do this no-sew project with a good result.


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