It is always nice when we can create something we need most during winter. In this season, people need items to keep warm. Here are the ideas of slippers or footwear on Keep Your Toes Warm A d Comfortable This Winter With DIY Slippers For Footwear.

Kimono Slippers

Made using soft and thick fabric, this kimono slipper is perfect for your winter style. Having a plain green color, will make it look more fresh and beautiful without looking too much. Green Kimono Slipper from @altonwaycompany.
This kimono slipper is made using denim fabric so it will look attractive in a simple way. Equipped with flower accents at the top will make it look very pretty.  Denim Kimono Slipper from and adorable. This kimono slipper made using old jeans looks adorable. Complete with a tassel decoration on top, it will make it even cuter and suitable for your winter style. Jeans Kimono Slipper from @robertagandolfibags.

This slipper has a kimono-like style that makes it look adorable. Made using patchwork cloth so it will look more festive. This kimono slipper is perfect for completing your winter style. Patchwork Kimono Slipper from @wishuponaquilt.

Knitted Slipper

Made by knitting, this one slipper will provide the perfect warmth in winter. Equipped with a flower accent will present a beautiful and attractive appearance. Having a gray color will allow it to be paired with anything. Grey Knitted Slipper from @pastelzamanyolcusu.
Keep your feet warm in winter. Here you can use a knitted slipper made with a DIY project so it will look more creative. Decorated with pom pom accents makes it look prettier and cuter. Pink Knitted Slipper from @boeholder_.

Creative and inspiring. This slipper is made using the knitted method so it looks creative. Made using thick threads, will make it successful in providing warmth to your feet. Beige Knitted Slipper from @thenewhousefamily.

This winter slipper is made by knitting so that it has quite high artistic value. Made using wool, this slipper will provide perfect warmth to your feet. Blue Knitted Slipper from @instacarroyo.

Sweater Slippers

This slipper is made using sweatshirt material so it will provide perfect warmth. Having a brown color, will make it look neutral and easy to match with anything. Brown Sweatshirt Slipper from @homespuncouture.

Comfortable and suitable in winter. This gray slipper is made using a sweatshirt so it will provide warmth and is suitable for winter. Accented with your reindeer snowflake will make it look perfect. Grey Sweatshirt Slipper from @anmiwe_allthingscreative.

Kitten Slippers

These slippers are so adorable. Made using warm old shoes and decorated again. The kitten pattern on the top of this slipper is made using yarn and felt so it gives an echo look. Maroon Kitten Slipper from @gabriela_godinho_moxon.

This knitted slipper is decorated with a kitten accent so it will make it look adorable and still give warmth. Cat ears made using fur fabric will make it look even cuter. Knitted Kitten Slipper from @honeysdiary.

This kitten slipper is made using thick fabric so it will keep your feet warm in winter. Decorated with cat accents made using cloth will make it look very cute and can steal attention. Brown Kitten Slipper from @sms9389.

Both Towel Slippers

Reusing old towels to make slippers is an interesting idea. Here you only need to cut the towel according to the desired pattern. Then sew it so that it looks neat and not easily damaged. Dark Both Towel Slipper from @basildazzlecat.
This slipper is made using old towel material so it manages to provide warmth and comfort for the winter. It has a blue and white color theme, making this slipper beautiful and without looking too much.  Blue and White Slipper from @shannonfabrics.

This pink slipper is made using a pair of slippers covered with a pink towel to make it more attractive. Adorned with floral accents, this slipper looks very pretty. Apart from that, this slipper will also keep your feet warm in winter. Pink Towel Slipper from @sarahkhaledesigns.

Jeans Slipper

How creative. This slipper was made using old jeans so it looks very creative. Adorned with a tie accent at the top, this slipper looks adorable. Tie Jeans Slipper from @xeenasalik_woman.
Instead of buying it at the store, this slipper is made at home using old jeans. Made by means of glue, this slipper is quite easy to make but still functions properly. The combination of white and denim will make it look perfect. White and Blue Jeans Slipper from @kellydcarrillos.

Use jeans to make a winter slipper. Here you only need to cover the old slipper with jeans. No need to sew, you can just use glue to make it easier and still perfect. Jeans Slipper from @ravinderkaur289.

Creative and inspiring. The slipper made using these jeans looks very creative and manages to inspire. Equipped with a woolen cloth, this slipper manages to provide perfect warmth. The heart accent at the top makes this slipper very adorable. Heart Jeans Slipper from @haaraamo.

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