It is always nice when we can create something we need most during winter. In this season, people need items to keep warm. Here are the ideas of slippers or footwear on Keep Your Toes Warm A d Comfortable This Winter With DIY Slippers For Footwear.

Kimono Slippers

These kimono slippers are pretty simple to make. Although, you. See the upper overlapping part is a bit tough to sew through due to its thickness. You will need quilting cotton both for the inner and outer fabrics of the shoes. Then, linen is used for the outer fabric. After that, the shoes fusible fleece is used for the interfacing.

Tie-On Slippers

Tie-on slippers Keep Your Toes Warm A d Comfortable This Winter With DIY Slippers For Footwear

These tie-on slippers are also easy to make, where you will need ¼ seam allowance, each bootle you need to cut 1 from solid color, and 1 from print. The process is; stitch dart or dotted line and heal seam, right sides together, and seam pieces. After that leaving a small opening for turning the right side out and hand stitch to finish. Last, tie and adjust to fit your foot size.

Sweatshirt Slippers

Sweatshirt slippers are an example of a fast construction slipper yet elastic style. This project will be approximately done in 30 minutes. You will need an old sweater, scissors, and sewing essentials.

Kitten Slippers

Kitten slippers are so adorable to keep your feet warm in winter. The materials you need are a pair of slippers, a bottle of fabric paint, a glue gun, scissors, a pen, a piece of felt, and a piece of paper.

Both Towel Slippers

From now, do not throw your old bath towel because you can turn it into an adorable winter accessory, namely both towel slippers. The materials you need are old flip-flops, an old cotton towel, ¼ yard polyester batting, ¼ yard faux leather, and coordinating thread. Meanwhile, for the tools, you will need a sewing machine, scissors, kitchen shears, upholstery straight pins, fabric marker, sewing needle, medium to large binder clips, and tape measure.

Jeans Slipper

What a creative idea where you can turn your jeans into some stylish slippers. The materials you need are a pair of old cast-off jeans, 25cm wadding, 25cm iron-on fusing, cardboard, ribbon, thread, scissors, pencil, straight pins, and a sewing machine.

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