Are you bored with the shoes you have now? Would you like to add style to your shoes? Decorating shoes is a skill that doesn’t require a lot of money. You can modify plain colored shoes with a variety of accessories to make it look more unique and elegant. In addition, you will also get a work of art that you can use every day. You can decorate various types of shoes from flat shoes to sneakers. Accessories that you can use also vary from paper, shoe paint, beads to golden accessories.

A DIY technique or Do It Yourself is indeed becoming a trend and even the lifestyle of modern society as it is today. Because in addition to honing creativity, this technique can also turn old and used items that are no longer used in new objects. One of the ways is you can paint your old shoes. Moreover, painting shoes is a great way to revive your old shoes.

Combining the two colors for shoes can indeed be a beautiful DIY shoe decoration. In addition, you can also coat the outside of the shoe with this Tosca and beige color.

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If you want to make your shoes look more different. Try painting on the tip of the shoe with the design you like.

Make your shoes funnier by adding some colorful antique stones to get a beautiful look.

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This DIY canvas shoe has a beautiful polka dot pattern. Combine also with the ribbon behind it.

Make your shoes more perfect by hand painting according to your own ideas. Choose canvas shoes to make them easy to paint.

Combining flat shoes with shirt buttons is one thing that is relative. Choose colorful shirt buttons to create a fun look.

Complete your shoes with polka dot ribbons that you can put on the back to add a beautiful impression to these shoes.

You can decorate your high heels with this beige lace. In addition, because it has a beautiful complexion can make your shoes look more classy.

This dark DIY shoe decoration is a creative one. Especially by combining with some of these antique stones.

You can add a black ribbon to match the colors of this shoe. It looks beautiful on your feet.

If you like music, maybe your shoes can be painted in tones like this.

DIY shoe decorations that attract attention by painting hands like the USA flag.

If your shoes look boring you can paint your hands with colors like this to give a new atmosphere to your shoes.

The black boots are equipped with metal buttons on the bottom side of the shoe to change the appearance of the shoes to be more perfect.

These brown leather shoes are complemented by circular beads on these shoes.

This is a shoe design that combines silver and black colors that blend together. Looks beautiful and perfect for these DIY shoes.

If you are bored with black you can add silver to your shoes. In addition, you can add in several sections to get a beautiful look.

These rustic leather shoes combine lace ribbons and decoration for these elegant shoes.

These flat shoes become something beautiful with this unique shaped stone decoration. Especially with the black color which contrasts sharply with these white shoes.

These high heels have a pretty elegant gold color. You can make it quite easily.

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These DIY shoes can be a beautiful work of art. Moreover, these shoes use canvas material that makes it easy for the painting process.

This pink shoe combines a lot of different decorations. This is quite interesting and different.

Using colorful beads can indeed make your shoes more perfect. These become beautiful DIY shoes.

Painting shoes with various designs has indeed become one of the perfect shoe decorations. Besides that, you can add a lot of colors too.

Flat shoes with black and white stripes are indeed quite beautiful. Moreover, you can add this pink heart decoration.

You can make these elaborate DIY shoe decorations. Only by using this green rope can you make it.

If you want to make your high heels look more attractive. You can add straps that are joined to cover your lower leg.

It looks elegant by adding neatly decorated ornaments on these Vans-branded shoes. Please try it.

These high heels have a black color that is combined with beads that are red and brown.

Decorate beautiful DIY shoes with sparkling beads to make your shoes look more attractive.

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You can add your old flat shoes with colorful beads or black ones. You can put it with a flower pattern design or a pattern to your liking. Of course, your shoes will look simple but elegant at the same time. You need to remember that you do not put too much decoration guys, because it can actually eliminate the impression of elegance on your shoes. In addition, you can also decorate heels model shoes with these beads.

Glitter and rhinestone can be used to decorate all kinds of shoes and not just to decorate canvas shoes. Use glitter or rhinestone to make flip-flops, formal shoes, sneakers, or other types of shoes look more attractive. Covering the entire surface of the shoe with glitter is very interesting and is currently a trend that is being favored by many people. Moreover, you can attach rhinestone or other small accessories on a glitter background.

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