Women, of course, like a variety of accessories. Types of accessories for women are very diverse if we look at the material to the way they are made. If you want to use a unique accessory, you can try using an accessory that is handmade and make your own adorable DIY things to wear. Many women like hand made accessories because it can make them look different and unique. One handmade accessory that you can choose from is earrings. Besides that, you can get an exclusive impression when wearing handmade earrings.

Earrings are one of the accessories that are very necessary for us to update the model every time. Now a lot of motifs of earrings that are fun and certainly make you interested to have. Tassel earing can be your choice to make it look elegant. Tassel earring is also easy for you to make. Tassel earing can be a fun choice and gives an elegant appearance.

These earring accessories have a nice oval shape. With the addition of beautiful colorful beads. It gives a very charming combination for your style.

Earring accessories like this. You can make it yourself, by using simple ingredients. Then shape it to be interesting. Making these earring accessories is very good.

Use white thread as material for the earring accessories that look good.

This accessory has a very beautiful color combination. Made from a combination of threads, to form earrings that have a charming design and can complement your style.

Pom poms are hairy and have a soft texture. You can use it to make earrings that are very cute. By using a design like this has a solid combination.

You can make accessories for your own use. By using a round iron and added with a nice white decoration. That way you will have cool accessories.

The ability to make accessories must be owned by someone. That way, you can save money by making it yourself. And has advantages, because according to your own desires.

Small earring accessories like this are easy to make yourself. Because it has ingredients that are easy to find and simple shapes. But it gives an attractive style if you wear it.

This wood material you can use to make earring accessories. By removing it like a natural leaf. So that gives a very charming style.

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Accessories that have material from iron has an additional charming white gem. Which can give perfection to the style and appearance there? Because it has a luxurious and good impression.

Take advantage of all the materials that can be used for making your earring accessories. Like this one, using feathers that can be made into simple earring accessories but look very unique.


These earrings have different things. With a simple white yarn, which is then knitted to form a good shape. When combined with iron that makes it look good.

Use materials that are easy to make into earring accessories. By using beautiful colorful iron and gems. Which can be put together and become a very enchanting accessory.

Only with a yellow cloth. You can make nice earrings. By combining several pieces of fabric that are cut into a rectangle, they form a nice line motif. Give a beautiful style.

This pearl you can use as an earring. By imitating the design of this one, can give a charming impression. Because the shape is small and shows a fascinating blend.

One thing you can notice. Only by using round iron which is put together and has a different shape. So be an earring accessory that looks good and can complement your style.

Although there are many good accessories out there. But you can make it yourself, with iron gold coupled with gray stone ornaments that look good. So that makes this accessory very suitable when you use it.

Many things you can do. For example this one, you can use leather to make earrings. By cutting the skin into a heart shape and giving it additional iron that complements the decoration.

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Utilizing some of this brown cloth, by cutting and folding it into a neat shape. Then add iron and black rubber that functions as buttons. And be a pair of earrings or earrings that can beautify your style.

The shape of the gold wire becomes the shape of a hand that looks good. Because these artificial accessories can add to the uniqueness of your style.


Use a wooden stick that has been cut into small pieces and mashed. Then add iron as a hook for use in the ear. But, don’t forget to give white earrings so that the motif is good.

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This earring accessories has a material consisting of wool yarn and has a pastel color that has an elegant impression. So that it can beautify your style and appearance when walking.

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Materials from iron do have durability and are easy to find. Only by attaching it to a round iron and you can make it as an earring accessory so that it can complete your style.

Combine a small iron bar that can be paired with an oval iron that is very suitable. Then you just need to give a motive so that these earring accessories can look better.

A small earring that has a rose shape and blue color. Then add diamond ornaments that look luxurious and can add to the beauty of your style.

Only with the green thread that you have wrapped inside the iron, which has the shape of a triangle. Then you can add the iron to use the accessories to make it look neat and nice.

Until now still, confused about how to make accessories? By wearing simple black crow feathers. It can make simple accessories but have beauty and a good impression.

What about used plastic material? Maybe you rarely hear it, but this one you can copy to make beautiful earrings. Use plastic and tape it with iron.

Maybe you can use this as a reference for making accessories. By using iron as a container and added with green gems as the decoration.

Actually, you can make pretty earrings easily. Prepare the hook wire as the main ingredient. Then as an earring pendulum, you can use items that are around you. An example is that you can make it from safety pins, pearls, gems, and other trinkets. The more creative your imagination is, the more earring creations you will be able to make. These beautiful earrings are also suitable for gifts from family and friends.

The jewelry we make by handmade has a special impression. Because we made it ourselves then surely the products are limited edition. This is what makes handmade jewelry or accessories have an exclusive impression. Women certainly love to wear everything that is exclusive because it seems different. Beautify yourself by wearing our recommendation handmade earrings above!

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