People start to forget the clock as a time indicator, they choose digital that is easier to bring and see anytime. However, clocks are back for different values. They aren’t just time indicators but decorative accents. Creating DIY clocks is not hard. Even, a beginner can make them in several minutes. What you need to prepare is the clock machine. Then, decorate the number with any creative look. In this section, we have collected DIY clock ideas that are easy to replicate by hand. Check out!

DIY Clock For Kids Room

Diy clock for kids room


Cuckoo clocks for kids’ rooms are beautiful. They will see the time when they have to stop playing. The design looks so cute with a tiny home for the cuckoo. With colorful touches, the clocks are eye-catching and functional for this room.

DIY New Years Countdown Clocks

This clock is made of a plastic plate painted in black. The crafter adds colorful time numbers to make it more interesting. Add the clock machine under it to make it works well as a time indicator. However, if you only want it as a decorative accent, you don’t need to add the clock machine. Beautify it by adding some sequins.

DIY Cool Car Clay Clock

You will need several kilograms of clay to make this cool car clay clock. Shape it into a round shape. Then, let it dry for several hours under the heat of direct sunlight. Or, you are free to bake it. Attach the cars to replace numbers. Then, add a clock machine to get it functions as a wall clock.

Minimalist Modern Wall Clock

Take a round wooden palette. Then, paint it in any color you want. Add the clock machine. This project is easy and cheap. Even, a DIY newbie can finish this in less than an hour as long as he or she has provided the round wood. Mount this clock on the wall to add a rustic modern touch.

DIY Embroidery Hoop Clock

What about this chic hoop clock? This decor looks simple but interesting. Prepare a fabric and add some buttons to replace the time numbers. Then, put it in an embroidery hoop. Hang this on the wall or just put it on the table. Cool, huh?

DIY Family Photo Clock

This is a fun project that your kid will love too. Attach your family photos on the wall. Add the clock machine. Having this decorative clock will recall your memory about any fun moment with kids. Isn’t it a cool clock?

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