You have some pairs of jeans, and now they are old-fashioned. Will you throw them away? Oh, no. It will be better for you to reuse them in other ways. Have you ever thought that those jeans are the perfect materials to make jewelry items? Jeans are strong enough. We can cut them into some pieces and change them into a new cuff, necklace, or any other jewelry item you want. Check out our list below! You will see DIY jewelry items from old denim to copy.

DIY Bejeweled Denim Cuff

Diy bejeweled denim cuff


What do you think? It looks so cool on your hand. Making this cuff is not tricky. You can finish it in less than an hour. Cut the end of your long sleeve denim and use it as a cuff. Add diamonds, pearls, or other decorative items you like. 

DIY Denim Earrings

You will need thread, sopper discs, earring hooks, jump rings, glue, pliers, drill, leather scraps, and cardboard strips. Start by creating the tassels using old jeans pieces. Second, bend the discs in a moon shape. Third, assemble the tassel earrings. Then, add the earrings hooks to the disc and tassel. Check out more of the instructions from Morganmabelle.

DIY Denim Braids Headbands

It’s time to look so cute with this headband. You might notice that it was made of old denim. The braids add a casual and stylish look. You can make it at home by hand. You have to cut the denim and create the braids. Then, assemble it to the headband using hot glue. What are you waiting for? Make a denim headband in your version.

Denim-Wrapped DIY Necklace

Wearing this denim-wrapped DIY necklace will make you look so stylish. It gives a personal touch and brings your appearance to the next level. Covering a necklace with denim is not difficult. You will need denim, lace, and feathers. Cover the hoops with denim. Attach feathers with cold crimp ends and jump ring, and link those hops with lace. The last, attach them to the chain.

DIY Denim Cocktail Ring

You can finish it in five minutes. Yes, we are sure. Prepare a swatch of denim and cute scrapbooking brad. Then, cut two simple flowers to get a cute cocktail ring. Make a finger-sized strap. Then, poke holes in them. Layer them and push the scrapbooking brad through them. Continue to fold prongs flat. Now, you make a ring. Mix it up using metal findings or faux flower petals.


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