We can make many things from pom poms. Using a pom-pom and making a craft will be such a challenging thing. Dare you try? Pom poms usually work well for fashion detail. We can use them for other purposes. Making crafts with pom poms is not hard. We can use them to decorate our kid’s rooms or make toys with them. Pom poms usually come in various colors. Check out our list below and get inspired by DIY pom-pom crafts for your kids.

DIY Pom-Pom Apple Pie Craft

Diy pom pom apple pie craft


Do your kids love apples? It’s time to make a DIY pom-pom apple pic craft with them. If they don’t like this fruit, they will try it soon. You will need red yarn, green and brown pipe cleaner, hot glue, and scissors. Start by cutting the red yarn and make the pom-pom. Check out further steps here.

DIY Funny Pom-Pom Sheep for Kids

Ask your kids to make this funny pom-pom sheep with you. Look at the cute face. Your kids will love it. To make this craft, you will need green yarn, scissors, hot glue, black feet, black and funny white pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. First, make the legs and pom poms. Check out for details here.

DIY Pom-Pom Muffin

Any kid love muffins. Even we can remember the taste after eating it. Your kids will be happy making DIY pom-pom muffins with you. Prepare purple yarn, a red crafting pom, scissors, a glue stick, and paper cupcake liners. If you want to make it soon, see the tutorials here.

DIY Pom-Pom Valentine’s Day

It is the cute monster ever! Show your love to your kids on Valentine’s Day by making this craft for them. Oh, you can ask them to make this craft too. Prepare pink yarn, red pipe cleaner, red felt, googly eyes, scissors, and a pencil. Start by drawing the heart shape as the base. Then, check out more steps here.

DIY Pom-Pom Angel for Kids

What a cute angel! We can make it soon with our kids. We will need one small wooden bead and the big one as well. Prepare silver paint, a paintbrush, and scissors. Don’t forget to use markers in black, red, and pink colors. See the tutorials here for details.

Pom-Pom Head Craft

You can use these pom poms head crafts for creative storytelling. Prepare a selection of different colored yarns and pom-pom makers. We will need pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and mini pom poms. Make the mouth and use a glue gun to start crafting.

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