Fall and winter days give us more time at home. What can we do? Watching movies all time will make us bored. Doing our tasks at home also makes us tired. We need to do some things to refresh our minds. Making crafts is the best way to improve our DIY skills. Then, we will get new items without spending much money. We have DIY things that are easy to recreate in our leisure time. Check them out further below and get inspired!

Easy DIY T-Shirt Pillow

Easy diy t-shirt pillow


Don’t throw away your old T-shirt. You can make it into another item. Repurpose your black shirt into a celestial pillow. Make as many pillows as possible. Then, you can give them to your friend or sell them online and earn money.

DIY Galaxy Painted Rock

While seeing beautiful snowdrops, what about making DIY galaxy-painted rocks? We only have to paint the rocks in various colors like the galaxy. You will need blue, green, black, navy, white, red, yellow, and other colors. Check out more about how to make this craft here.

DIY Glitter Wine Glass

Drinking wine on a winter day night will make your body warmer. What about upgrading your old wine glasses to look new? We will need glitter, glue, and a wine glass. First, apply glue on the glass in any part you want. Then, pour the glitter. Let it dry, and you will get a new glitter glass.

DIY Creative Feather Table Lamp

What do you think of the lamp? It looks so beautiful, huh? We can make it at home with little steps. First, we need a base to attach to the lamp. Second, we have to attach the feathers to the base. Then, add some string lights. 

DIY Book Succulent Planter

If you have an old book that you don’t want to read anymore, use it to create a planter. First, cut the inner part of the book using scissors. Then, add soil. Plant the succulents you want. Finish it by decorating it with pebbles. What do you think? It seems like having a tiny fairy world in your home.

DIY Braided Doormat

Don’t waste your time! Let us make something. We can create a DIY braided doormat from an old T-shirt. Cut the T-shirt into small pieces. Then, braid them and shape them into circular ones. Feel free to customize the color and size you want. Have fun crafting and be more creative!



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