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DIY Denim Bag Ideas to Upgrade Your Fashion Style

Well, having a different bag from other friends in your circle is nice. You will feel special. Choose one in your storage that will make you look chic. Oh, no. You have so many common bag styles. Buying a new item will cost much. What about creating it with easy and affordable materials in your home? What’s that? You can use old denim and repurpose them to make a new bag. Check out our list below. Get more inspiration to create the DIY denim bag you want.

DIY Cool Messenger Bag

Diy cool messanger bag


You will need big size denim pants to make a messenger bag. Cut the pants and let the upper part. We will use it to make the bag. Here is the key, the pocket pants as the bag pocket later. Then, follow the instructions from Michele and make a messenger bag in your version.

DIY Denim Clutch

It is a simple clutch design but looks so eye-catching. Anyone can make it in minutes. If you want to make it, prepare the supplies and tools. You will need old denim pants, leather, blue zipper, scissors, needle, and thread. 

Recycled Jeans Bag DIY

Awesome! It is a glamour bag that will improve your style to the next level. Furthermore, you can make it at home. You will need a pair of jeans, a necktie, fancy pins or broach, a sewing machine, and scissors. Start making it by cutting the legs of your jeans. Then, cut the crotch seam as well. Turn Your jeans inside out and start sewing. Finish it by adding the tie and broach.

Beautiful Toile Lined Denim Tote Bag

Incredible! It is just a dreamy denim bag that anyone will wish to have soon. The simple design brings this bag an elegant look. You can use it to carry anything on a formal or non-formal occasion. You will need at least two pairs of jeans to make this tote bag.

Adorable Denim Pursue

What do you think? Will you wish more than this denim purse? It looks so pretty with pink floral fabric. It makes a woman looks more feminine with pink and blue jeans combination. Customize the design and get a perfect purse to improve your style.

Fabulous Denim Bag with Pockets

Need great storage? Make this bag! It shows you two pockets to store small things like keys, pins, or others. This denim bag works well for a casual occasion for example going to the beach, swimming pool, or just daily fashion.


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