How many denim jackets do you have? It might be challenging to upgrade your old denim jacket into a new look by hand. Can we? Yes, of course. With little steps, we can improve our old jacket design. We should have basic DIY skills in sewing, coloring, or knitting. In this article, we have collected DIY project ideas to upgrade old denim jackets. Check them out further below and get more inspiration!

DIY Pearl Jean Jacket

Diy pearl jean jacket


If you don’t have anything to do this week, try to upgrade your old jean jacket. Adding some pearls to it will make it brand new. You will need a kit of needles and a threat to attach the pearls one by one. It will need several minutes to finish this project. But you will love the result.

DIY Sleeveless Denim Jacket

It is not a tricky DIY project at all. Cut the sleeves, and you will get a new denim jacket to wear. Combine it with a T-shirt with long sleeves. Then, you will appear stylish. Customize it by adding pins. 

DIY Fabric Panel Jean Jacket

DIY projects do not need much money. Adding a panel of fabric to your jean jacket will make it more stylish. Customize the pattern you like. To finish it sooner, you can use a sewing machine. However, hand sewing will be fun too.

DIY Cropped Jean Jacket

imagine having a cropped jean jacket, but you don’t have to pay a penny. Congratulation! You will get it soon. Just cut out your old denim jacket, and make a cropped denim jacket in your version. Easy, right? A DIY newbie can finish it in minutes.

DIY Lace Up Jean Jackets

Prepare the tools and materials like a denim jacket, marker, hammer, anvil, ribbon, ruler, grommets, and scissors. First, mark out and measure where you will place the grommets. Then, cut small holes in your grommets placing. Place the grommets and tie the ribbon.

Tie-Dye Jean Jacket

Changing the denim color is a great project. You will get new denim with different colors from the old one. It seems like you buy the new one. Tie-dye jean jacket with any color you like. It will be better to fit in with the season. Bright colors for spring and summer, earthy colors for autumn and winter.

DIY Leather Sleeve Upgrade

Let us mix leather and denim! Replace the denim sleeves with leather ones. So it will appear more stylish. The combination between denim and leather creates an incredible jean jacket design. Try it soon.


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