You will be at peace if surrounded by nature. Why don’t you bring natural elements inside? Seeing branches, leaves, plants, rocks, or other natural will bring a calm atmosphere into your home. Moreover, they are priceless. Your environment provides them all. Go outside and look for natural elements to decor your home. Read this article further. You will find ideas to decorate your home with organic things. Check them out and get more inspiration to decorate your home with natural things.

Driftwood Coat Rack on Wall

Driftwood coat rack on wall


Make your room tidy and clean by hanging a coat, hat, and purse. You will need a piece of reclaimed wood, coat hooks, a screwdriver, painter’s tape, screw eye hooks, and screws. It will be functional and decorative too. What are you waiting for? Grab a reclaimed wood soon and make a hanging rack in your version.

DIY Pressed Plants in Frame

Display natural elements in your home will be easy with a frame. You will need plants, leaves, flowers, or other organic things you want. Then, prepare a book, tissue paper, frame, and double-sided tape. See the tutorials here.

Blanket Ladder Made from Birch Logs

Sure, you can make it home sooner. Prepare birch logs or any tree branch. Make sure that you get suitable sizes. Use nails and rope to attach each element to the other. Making a ladder from wood logs is not hard. You can see the tutorials from Lizmarieblog.

Driftwood Jewelry Hanger

Let us get a driftwood peace or any wood base you have, crystal knobs, and flat nose pliers. We will use screws, just string, and other tools too. Mounting a driftwood jewelry hanger on the wall will create a decorative look. Why don’t you make it soon? What about this week?

DIY Twig And Pine Cone Wreath

You can hang this wreath on the living room wall. It looks pretty for the front door too. Making this wreath is easy. Prepare twigs or branches and pine cones as many as possible. Then, get an embroidery hoop and florist wire. Don’t forget to give garden snips. See the steps to make it here.

DIY Rock And Mineral Collection Wall Art

Display your rock collection! We can make it into mind-blowing wall art. You will need a pegboard, square dowels, and brass screws. Prepare middle hinges, copper wire, and picture hanging brackets. We will need black paint and other tools. Check out more here.



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