In winter, we wear a hoodie to get warm and cozy on a cold day. When the weather starts to warm, what will we do with it? Keeping it for the next year might be a great idea. However, don’t you think that it will be out of date? So, we need to refashion it. You can do something to your hoodie and make it more interesting. You might wear it for spring, fall, or winter with a new look. Check out our ideas further below!

DIY Embroidered Drawstrings



If you don’t want to change the pattern of your hoodies, you can add a small thing to them. DIY embroidery drawstrings might be what you need. Just make the holes and attach them to your hoodie. Then, you will get it more interesting. 

DIY Fabric Block Hoodie

Look at this idea! It shows a plain hoodie added by fabric blocks. You can do so for your hoodie. If you are a sewing enthusiast, this idea will interest you. So, take the fabric you want, and cut it out. Attach it to the hoodie. Then, you will see your hoodie looks more beautiful. Just try soon!

DIY Pearl-Lined Hoodie

Adding pearls to the hoodie is brilliant. It is not a tricky project at all. Arrange the pearls in a thread and attach them to the hoodie. We believe you can finish it in minutes. It is an easy way to improve your old hoodie to look new.

DIY Cropped Hoodie

This hoodie is great to wear for early spring. The weather might still be a little cold, so wear a hoodie to keep you warm. A cropped hoodie will work well with any outfit you want pants, jeans, or tights. Furthermore, it looks fresh and cool to wear for going to a colleague as well.

DIY Graffiti Hoodie

What do you think of it? A graffiti hoodie with your name is cool, huh? You can make this DIY hoodie in less than an hour. You will need a plain hoodie; it will be better if you choose a white hoodie. Then, use spray paints to draw any pattern you want.

DIY Bleach Tie Dye Hoodie

Isn’t it cool? Bleaching your hoodie will make it brand new. First, bundle the shirt hoodie. Then, mix equal parts water and bleach in a squeeze bottle. Then, spray it on the hoodie. The last, flip the shirt bundle over and saturate the back too. Dry it under the sunshine.


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