Look at your closet! Is there any old cloth that you want to hack? Improving your style doesn’t mean buying new clothes. You can hack your old t-shirt and change it to other stuff. So, you will appear stylish without spending lots of money. Make a big impact on your style by adding your personal touches. However, you should have basic sewing skills to hack your clothes. We have gathered DIY clothing hacks that are easy to do for beginners. Check them out further and get inspired.

DIY Cardigan Twin-Set

Diy cardigan twin-set


What a cool hack! We can see what has been done by Brittany Xavier. It is really cool. She cropped her old T-shirt. Then, wear it as a cropped top. Then, she still wears the upper part of it as a cardigan. Making this cardigan twin-set needs no advanced sewing skills. Just cutting and sewing. Feel free to customize it by adding new buttons and crochets.

DIY Girly Gym Socks

Polo shocks are commonly worn by anyone. However, adding lace trim to them will be great. You can do so for your white Polo shocks. Cut the lace trim according to the shock sizes. Then, attach the lace to the sock by sewing. You can use a sewing machine or sew it by hand. Feel free to do the same thing for other shocks.

Vintage-Inspired Designs For Shorts

Meaghan Mena tells us how to make shorts look more attractive. She added some cut-offs to the shorts. Patching is fun, you know. Almost everyone can do this little hack to their shorts, skirts, trousers, or even t-shirts. What they have to do is sit and patch. Then, they will get their shorts to look cool.

DIY Sparkly Army Jacket

Sasha Iglehart changed her army jacket to look shinier. Nothing odd steps to do this fashion hack. Sasha, with her ability in basic sewing skills, replaced the old buttons with the sparkle ones. So, the army jacket looks more stylish and pretty to be worn by girls. Look at the picture! Isn’t it cool after being hacked?

DIY Scarf Halter Top

What do you think of this top? Can you guest that it was made of an old scarf? Laura Pifer attached a chunky chain necklace to the top part of it. The back part is tight well by twist technique. So, Laura will feel comfy wearing it.  


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