A vest is a perfect item for you. You can also wear it when you’re feeling a bit cold, but not too much that requires wearing another sweater or a jacket. Anyway, making your own DIY fashion will be great. Then here, the special vest ideas are collected in Fantabulous DIY Vest Ideas To Style For Winter

Men’s Jeans To Vest

It is time to recycle the jeans project together and sew it into a fabulous denim vest. It’s a perfect way to get more creative use out of those old jeans that would either be thrown away or sent to the thrift store. The supplies you need are 3 pairs of similar color denim jeans, vest sewing pattern, scissors, thread, pins, and sewing machine.

DIY Fringes Vest

Fantabulous DIY Vest Ideas To Style For Winter


This superfast and easy project is ready to add a little texture to any outfit! Because the fringe can be cut as long or short as you want. Here you also can add a few braids, knots, or beads to the fringe edges if you want to customize it further! For a winter-spring transition, a quick little vest like this is a nice smart piece! The materials you need are 2-yard soft suede, fray check for other fabric, scissors, and sewing machine.

Sweater Vest Makeover With Faux Fur

If there is an old, but never worn sweater vest left by your father, but you think it is too boyish for you to wear and too old-fashioned for your partner, you can turn it into a beautiful faux fur vest. The materials you will need such as old sweater vest, faux fur, and a sewing machine.

DIY Warm Floral Vest

If you recently happened to walk in the park and see a 2-year-old wearing a trendy floral vest, here you can sew it yourself easily at home. The materials you need are 1 yard double-sided quilted fabric, a jacket or loose-fitting tee, 1 button, and basic sewing essentials.

Easy Knit Vest Tutorial

If you need a last-minute vest, this project is the answer. Start by getting a piece of cloth wide enough to hug you, folding it in half, cutting out the slits for the armholes, and putting it on to measure the length. Cut it in the length you want, or leave it off as it is.


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