Not all sofas are cleaned using water and soap. Check the type of fabric before you clean it. To clean fabric sofas, we usually use water-based or solvent-based cleaners. Before you begin to clean your sofas, it will be better to check the tag codes of the fabric.

  • Code W means you can clean it with water.
  • Code S means you are forbidden to use water.
  • Code W-S means you can use either water or solvent.
  • Code X means the sofas are better to clean with a vacuum cleaner.

What You Will Need to Clean Fabric Sofa without Water?

The tools needed to clean your fabric sofas are a vacuum with upholstery tools, a circulating fan, a drop cloth or a trap, a soft-bristled brush, and a microfiber cloth. For materials, you can use dry cleaning solvent and baking soda. Now, are you ready to clean your fabric sofas?

How to Clean Fabric Sofas?

Use Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming the sofa will help you to remove all dust and dirt. Apply baking soda to make the fabric look better. Pour the baking soda using a soft-bristled brush. Then, let it for about one hour at least. Then, clean it with vacuum soda. You will get the dirt and baking soda removed.

Get Sofa Far From All Sources of Fire

You might find the source of fire like candles, fireplaces, or wax warmer. Keep the fabric sofa far from them. Then, don’t smoke when you clean it. Overall, make sure that you will not bring new dirt and dust when cleaning. Protect the wood surface and painted part with a drop cloth to ease the cleaning process.

Test the Solvent

What solvent product do you use? Before using all of them to clean your sofa, test it first. Grab a white microfiber cloth. Then, dump it with the solvent. See it carefully. Is there any color change or other serious problem with your fabric sofa? If no one, the product is safe to use. After that, start to clean all surfaces.

Clean the Spot Stains and Heavily Soiled Area

Cleaning stains and heavily soiled areas are not too difficult. Dampen the dry cleaning solvent in a clean cloth. Then, blot the solvent on the soiled areas. This process will prevent streaking or discoloration. After you have done all the process, dry the sofa using a fan. Do not use a hairdryer or a heater.






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