With its warm impression, nothing can be more perfect than a farmhouse home decoration for the winter season. In case you have already applied the farmhouse decoration, then, you should only add some winter touches there so that you can have a perfect home this winter. The question is, is it possible to do your own farmhouse winter decoration? Sure! It won’t be too difficult to bring the winter atmosphere to your farmhouse home. You can even have it for any room and any spot that you have in your house. Let’s say that you can have it for your front porch to the back part of your home. When checking the references below, you will surely know about how you can DIY your farmhouse winter home this year so that you can lower your decoration budget.

Front Porch

This winter front porch decoration has brick walls and wooden furniture so that it will present a quite perfect farmhouse appearance. The evergreen arrangement placed on the coffee table will present a winter look and successfully contribute to freshness. Not only that, the wooden sleigh and wooden ladder that is displayed in the front porch area will give a pretty aesthetic touch of winter. Then you can also hang your skates on the wooden ladder to add a winter accent to your farmhouse front porch. Front Porch from @shescraftycrafty.

Living Room

Painting the walls of the living room with a white theme is the perfect idea, so it’s perfect for farmhouse and winter themes. Then you can install a wooden coat hook on the wall of this living room to make it look more prominent. Instead of using it to hang a coat, you can use it to hang a burlap sock so that it will give a fairly simple winter touch. Then you can also add an evergreen garland decorated with snowflakes on this coat rack so it will look more perfect. This table in the corner of the room with a lighted Christmas tree will add excitement to your winter farmhouse living room decoration. Living Room from @prettyandprintedshop.

Dining Room

Presenting wooden furniture in the decoration of this dining room has succeeded in creating a very perfect farmhouse style. Adding a garland above the cupboard and a lighted tree in the corner of the room will bring a more festive winter look to your dining room. Then you can also add a mini evergreen tree on the stool to make it look more festive. Not only that, here you can combine a touch of winter and farmhouse on the table setting to make it look different than usual. A wooden placemat and a snowy evergreen centerpiece that are displayed together will work perfectly to present a farmhouse and winter look at the same time. Dining Room from @houseofbrickandblue.


Make this farmhouse-style bedroom d├ęcor look perfect in winter. Presenting evergreen accents in the bedroom is a simple idea and will never fail. You can place a mini snowy evergreen tree on a nightstand so that it will present a pretty interesting winter look. This wreath made with a DIY project using grape roots will add quite an aesthetic look to your bedroom. Then you can also place some Christmas tree ornaments made using paper on the wall shelf so that it will look very clear. Decorate with string light and will make your winter farmhouse bedroom decoration look very festive. Bedroom from @mountains_to_michigan.


Doing a DIY project to decorate a winter farmhouse entryway is an interesting idea that you can try right now. You can present evergreen accents in the form of a mini tree in your entryway so that it will look more perfect. Sprinkle the mini tree with white powder to give it a snowy feel and make it manage to bring out a winter look. Here you can also use wooden furniture and wooden accessories such as console tables and trays so that it will provide double benefits. In addition to presenting a quite calming farmhouse appearance, it will also provide a very aesthetic appearance. Entryway from @thriftyandchicdecor.


This kitchen has a farmhouse style that manages to bring a natural feel that is quite calming. Decorating a kitchen cabinet with a lighted evergreen garland made with a DIY project will present a quite creative and inspirational look. You can also place some mini Christmas trees made using a bottle brush so it will look more festive. Candles decorated with evergreens will present a beautiful appearance while providing dim lighting and are very suitable for the farmhouse theme. Then you can place this decorative candle on the kitchen island so that it can be perfectly exposed and manage to steal the attention. Kitchen from @lisa_landhaus.


You will never fail to do a DIY project to decorate your winter farmhouse bathroom so it will look more creative. Here you can use a wooden skateboard complete with sticks and evergreens to make dining decorations. Then you can complete it with a bow to make it look more beautiful. Installing it on a brick wall, will make it able to present the appearance of winter and a farmhouse at the same time. But this alone is not enough, therefore you can also add a mini snowy tree and Christmas tree there so that it will make your winter farmhouse bathroom look more alive. Bathroom from @our.nohai.home.


This mudroom has a cabinet made of wood and painted in white so that it manages to bring out a refined farmhouse appearance. This garland made with a DIY project using berries and leaves material manages to bring a quite creative touch of winter. Then you can hang it in an open cabinet so that it will be perfectly exposed and manage to steal attention. Here you can also hang some Santa socks ornaments so that it will make your mudroom more perfect in winter. The galvanized JOY letter displayed on the cabinet will present its own charm and is suitable for the winter farmhouse theme. Mudroom from @lrenzy.land.

Laundry Room

This mini laundry room has a wooden rack that will present a natural and very perfect farmhouse appearance. This DIY evergreen arrangement wrapped in burlap managed to present a winter look that is simple but still perfect. Then you can arrange it on your laundry room rack so that it can be exposed perfectly. Here you can also add mini sleigh ornaments and evergreens to it so that it will present a very unique and inspiring look. Here you can also sprinkle the white powder on the evergreen tree so that it will give a snowy look and make the winter decorations look real. Laundry Room from @my.blessed.home.

Powder Room

Simple and minimalist. This powder room has a farmhouse decoration style that manages to bring a quite calming feel. This wall rack made using wooden material will be the perfect storage idea in the farmhouse powder room. Mini potted evergreens arranged on this wall rack will bring a touch of winter that is thin but very real. You can also add other winter ornaments such as mini villages and others to make it look more festive. This winter powder room farmhouse decoration idea is quite easy to do so it is suitable for beginners. Powder Room from @briemarie1023.

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