When fall comes with its wind that blows around, we need to wear comfy outfits to feel warm and comfortable. We might find some people wearing a knitted outfit or something that gives warmth during the days of fall. You can get them from the store. However, creating your own fall outfit might become a pretty idea. Appear different with special items with your personal touches is awesome. In this section, we give you the lists of DIY fall fashion ideas that you can make by hand. Check out!

DIY Knitted Scarf

Diy knitted scarf


Upgrade your style by wearing a comfy knitted scarf during the fall days. The weather could be so cool sometimes, adding a scarf and tie it around your neck will keep you warm. If you are a beginner, try a scarf with the easiest pattern to knit. Feel free to decide the color you like. Some people love to wear a neutral color knitted scarf to match other outfits.

DIY Fall Kimono

Whether you are an expert in sewing or just a DIY newbie, making this pretty fall kimono is not hard. Choose the fabric pattern you like. Then, cut it based on the stitch pattern. Then, sew it by hand or using a sewing machine. This project only needs 30 minutes to finish and will spend around $10.

DIY Belted Blanket Coat

Improve your style this fall by creating your own fall fashion pieces. In this picture, we see a DIY belted blanket coat that is easy to make. Choose the blanket on your wardrobe and wrap it around your body. Add a dark belt. You are free to do other DIY blanket coats as you want. Some people sew the sleeves and or cut the blanket to make the neck area.

DIY Tulip Wrapped Skirt For Fall

Choose any fabric pattern you like. Cut the fabric in any size you want and make the end of it shorter. Wrap the fabric around and sew. You are free to add other accessories to your new skirt whether it is a bow, line, or even pearl. Just be as creative as possible.

DIY Fall Shirt Dress

What about creating a new shirt dress? It can be made of a man shirt that is too long for you. Then, sew the side of it. Just like this, the woman in this picture wears a shirtdress with middle-long sleeves. Even, you can add a belt to look more stylish. Wear this for going to the office is a nice idea to appear more eye-catching this fall.



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