It is not only about the room that should be upgraded this fall, but also your appearance. Creating DIY autumnal accessories will make you look stylish. Buying some pieces could be so expensive somehow. You might need beads, chains, coppers, or even wires. Get them from the nearest DIY store in your city and start your project. In this article, we will show our DIY accessories lists that you can make as well at home. Check them out further below and get more inspiration.

DIY Autumn Leaves Necklace

Diy autumn leaves necklace

Prepare copper leaves, beads, and chains to make this pretty autumn leaves necklace. First of all, you need to cut the chain as long as you need. Then, attach the beads and copper leaves one by one. Then, the necklace you want is done. Wear this for any casual event.

DIY Autumn Head Beads

Diy autumn head beads

Crocheting might need a ton of patient. But, you will get pretty amazing results like these DIY autumn head beads. Wearing this accessory for going to school will make a little girl looks so cute. Oh, even an adult can wear this as well. Head beads are nice for any season and any style.

DIY Layered Leather Autumn Bracelet

Diy layered leather autumn bracelet

Well, this bracelet will make you look stylish and chic this fall. We love the color combination that shows a truly autumn feel. You will need faux leather in some patterns. In this picture, the creator uses two types of leather. And, the beads look so cute in orange.

DIY Autumn Stone Necklace

Diy autumn stone necklace

This necklace has more textures come from its chain and stones. The creator combines a dark chain with a heavy texture. Then, nice orange stones complete its autumn theme. You are free to customize the size as you like. Even, trying another stone color might create another pretty DIY autumn stone necklace.

DIY Pumpkin Earrings

Diy pumpkin earrings

You can make these earrings by hand in less than an hour. As long as you tie the beads strongly, they will not be break someday. The pumpkin shape makes the earrings work well for the autumn style. Combine with T-shirt and a long jeans to look more casual but stylish.




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