What accessory do you like most to wear in fall? In this article, we have DIY necklace ideas that you may copy for your style this fall. Feel free to customize the style as you like. You can see the lists to get more inspiration to make your own necklace. Yes, you can buy some necklaces from the store. However, creating them by hand looks more interesting. Those necklaces will show your personal touches. Moreover, these DIY accessories are on the budget.

Fall DIY Chunky Necklace

Fall diy chunky necklace


Have you ever heard that clays can be used for making a cool necklace? In this picture, the creator shapes the clay into some rectangular shapes dan paints them in winter colors. Once they have dried, assemble them by using jump rings. Then, attach them with beads. Now, the necklace is all ready to wear.

Branch Necklace With Pendant

It will be so awesome to create your own necklace. This branch necklace looks so elegant to wear for any event. To make this necklace, you should buy the pendants from a DIY store. Then, prepare a gold fire and cut it as long as you need. Twist a loop into the center. After that, slide the wire to a bead and bring it up and outside the bead. Do this for more beads and wrap if it is done.

DIY Polymer Clay Statement Necklace

Use gold clay to make this pretty necklace. Roll it to look flat and smooth. Cute the leaf shape by using mini metal clay cutters. Create a hole in each shape by using a needle. Then, let those shapes dry, it will be better if you bake them. After that, assemble those shapes to jump rings. Then, attach them to the gold chain one by one.

DIY Leather Leaf Layered Necklace

Get some types of leather in fall colors. Then, cut them out into leaves shapes. Make a hole for each leaf by using a needle. Assemble those leaves with jump rings. Then, attach them one by one to a chain you have. This easy project might need several hours to finish depending on how creative you are. However, the result will be so awesome as you see in the picture.

DIY Pretty Real Fall Acorn Necklace

What do you think of this necklace with an acorn pendant? It will make you look stylish this fall, won’t it? The way to make this cool necklace is not hard. Make a hole in an acorn and assemble a jump ring on it. Then, attach it to the chain you have.


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