Being tall isn’t always easy. There are many things that people can say or do to make you feel less than who you are, but the last thing they should ever point out is how your physical stature makes dressing difficult because it doesn’t have to be this way! This article will continue with tips on finding the right work clothes as a tall man!

1. Online stores

Thanks to the advancements in tech, today, shopping can be done online with the help of a computer or cellphone. This is great for tall men because online stores specialize in clothes for tall men. If you look at the Extra Large Living store, you will realize that it’s easier to find almost every clothing item you can imagine in all different styles and patterns. This will make the process of finding the right clothes for work easier because there are even more options to choose from than if you were to go shopping at a physical store.

Another great benefit of buying your clothes online is that it’s cheaper, especially since most tall men would probably need to purchase multiple items due to their height not being able to afford to clothe off-the-rack or having limited size options available. By purchasing your clothes online, you’ll save on gas money and time by avoiding crowds which makes this option an A+!

2. Contact a clothing company

If you like a particular piece of clothing, but the sleeves or pant legs are too short, contact the clothing company. Ask them if they can make the garment in a larger size. This is an excellent option if you have found a brand that fits well and makes high-quality clothes.

Many companies now offer extended sizes for tall men. JCPenney, Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Kohl’s all have sections of their websites dedicated to tall men’s clothing. You can also find extended sizes at specialty stores like Tall Men’s Clothing Store or King Size Direct.

3. Get a personal tailor

If you don’t want to go through the hassles of finding clothes that fit you well, then perhaps it’s time to get a tailor. A good clothing store will allow you to bring in your custom-made apparel. They can either make adjustments or even create new articles of clothing that are completely tailored for tall men.

Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the man.” If this is true, then wearing the proper work clothes would be an advantage when climbing up the corporate ladder and advancing during one’s career journey. Taller people tend to look more professional than shorter individuals simply because they have larger proportions compared to their lower counterparts, who may have smaller strides by default just because they’re shorter in stature. No matter what you’re working on, though, getting the right clothes for the job is always important.

Finding the perfect work clothing can be a daunting task for tall men. But with these simple tips, you’ll be able to find what works best for your body type and make an impression that will last long in the workplace.

4. Wear light-colored clothing on top

Light-colored tops can make you appear taller and slimmer because it creates shadows that mask some body features such as big thighs or big calves. In addition, wearing lighter-colored shirts helps create a balance between dark pants and shoes by toning them down visually, so everything appears streamlined from head to toe. Avoid bold prints and patterns.

Bold prints shorten your height and age since they have heavy visual weight, which pulls attention downward, therefore, adding years to your appearance. They also make you look less professional and distracting in a business setting.

5. Stick to solids or subtle patterns

If you want to wear a pattern, stick to something subtle that won’t overpower your frame. Stripes are always a good option as they elongate the body but avoid large prints and busy patterns.

6. Accessories should also be kept minimal

Too many accessories will only serve to overwhelm your frame and detract from your appearance. Wear one statement piece if you must (a tie, cufflinks, etc.), but keep everything else simple with classic shapes and designs. 

7. Choose the right shoes

When it comes to shoes, taller men have more options than most regarding what type of shoe looks best on them. For example, taller men can quickly wear more casual shoes such as sneakers and chukka boots. However, if you work in a formal environment, you will need to keep your footwear smart yet straightforward.

8. Go for darker colors

Wearing darker colors is a safe option for tall men at work. Darker colors tend to be more flexible, and they will always look good, regardless of what the season is or how cheap your clothes are.

Tall men must choose their clothing carefully, especially when planning what to wear at work. Remembering the above points should help make getting dressed each morning that little bit easier!

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