How many old pants are in your wardrobe? If you don’t donate them to a charity event, reuse them to make new clothes. You will get a new fashion item without spending lots of money. Start with a new dress until new shorts, get them here. Check out our ideas further below and get inspired!

Old Pants Into New Shorts

Old pants into new shorts


Turning old pants into new shorts is merely a pretty cool idea. Just cut the legs above the knees. Then, you can directly get new shorts. Add some laces to get them more attractive. Feel free to add accessories like pearls, buttons, or even embroidery to your new shorts.

Leggings Into a Cute Long Sleeve Shirt

What a brilliant idea! Make this cute long sleeve shirt from old pants. Just cut out the crotch to become the hole for your head. The sleeves are from the legs that have become smaller. Cool, huh? A beginner can make this in less than an hour.

Turn Pants Into a Dress Vest

What do you think of the vest in the picture? It looks so brilliant, right? You can make it right now. Cut the top, crotch, and down the middle. You can follow further steps from the instructions of Brightside. Then, you will get a new vest without spending a penny.

New Skirt from Old Sweatpants

If you have many unworn sweatpants, turn them into new clothes. In this picture, the crafter changes them into a new skirt. Cut them above the knees and the crotch area too. After that, sew them by hand or sewing machine. Then, you will get a new pencil skirt.

Baby Pants Into a New Shirt

Surprise! This skirt is pretty, right? You can repurpose old pants to become a new eye-catching shirt. Take a plain shirt. Then, cut the knees and attach them to the sleeves. Use the rest of the pants to become shorts right now. It is a clever idea that you can follow easily. A DIY newbie can do it in minutes.

Old Pants Into a New Dress

Do you want to go to a party this night? But, you have not prepared any dress yet. You can follow this instruction from Brightside to make a new dress from old pants. Just cut the center into two cuts. Then, wrap two cut-legs to your waist. Tie them on the back. Now, you are ready to go.


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