Upgrading a home decoration will be fun. We need some new items that make by hand. DIY projects for a home can be so tricky. We have to choose some projects that are fun to do with kids. So, doing those things will not abundant us. The projects should have a function and be pretty. We give you our list of easy DIY home project ideas and designs you can enjoy with your kids. Check them out further below and get more inspiration.

DIY Burlap Painting

Diy burlap painting

Show your creativity in painting with this DIY project. To make a home craft like this, you will need burlap, a frame, and some paints. It will be better for you to draw the pattern on the burlap. Then, give color for each subject.

DIY Jar Lantern

Diy jar lantern

Cool jar lanterns are all we need to make our bedroom charmer. Clean the jar and dry it. Then, wrap it with twine. Paint with chalkboard paint in your favorite color. Let it dry. Take the twine to create a wonderful texture. Put on the bulb on the jar. Or,m you may use candles too.

DIY Twig Bowls

Diy twig bowls

Ask your young children to make a rustic twig bowl with you. Arrange the stick on the bowl one by one. Make them stronger using glue. Then, let it dry. Lift the twig bowl from your first bowl. You will admire the result, we believe. It adds a rustic feeling to your decor. Use it to complete your living room design with other home ornaments.

Upcycled Planters from Plastic Bottles

Upcycled planters from plastic bottles

All of the planters in the picture are amazing. They are made of old plastic bottles. Choose the design you want. It can be a minion, pig, monster, or others. Just cut out the bottles based on the pattern. Then, paint them to look more attractive. Feel free to customize the design you like. Put the planters outside or anywhere.

DIY Yarn Ball Lights

Diy yarn ball lights

Do you have a plan to do something this week? What about creating a DIY home project with your kids. Try DIY yarn ball lights in your free time this weekend. Blow up the balloon, apply the glue, and twist the yarn around. To get a more cheerful design, you can choose colorful balloons.

DIY Painted Mirror

Diy painted mirror

Do you want to make a few changes to your bedroom? Paint the mirror. It will add a more cheerful feeling. Choose pastel colors or bold colors. Pain the mirror with geometric patterns or others. You may write a simple quotation too.









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