It is really possible for you to provide the summer vibe to your home by doing the DIY projects. That won’t be difficult at all even when you want to apply it to any part of your home decoration both indoor and outdoor. For the indoors, you do the window treatment, door decoration, table centerpiece, bathroom decor, living room, and more. Then, for the outdoor, you can have it for the porch, patio, and even the garden space. You can add a summer sign, hanging summer ornament that you can install on the tree or porch ceiling, and even the summer theme planters. The following references are really interesting that will cover all kinds of decorations that you must love. Check them out!

Welcome your summer with this very creative DIY project. Summer sign made by DIY project using wood material will make it look beautiful and attractive. Painting the entire wood surface with white will make it look more perfect. Hello spring will be the main theme in this wooden summer sign. Some pictures of lemon slices, will make your summer sign look absolutely perfect. Placing it on the front porch will bring its own charm to your home and inspire many people. DIY Summer Sign from Curatedinterior.

Complete the summer decor in your home with a doormat. Instead of buying it at the store, you can make a DIY doormat so it will look more creative. It just takes a little effort to get a DIY doormat that’s perfect for this summer. Simply make a watermelon slice pattern on the doormat using a stamp so it will look perfect in a fairly easy way. Placing it in front of the door manages to bring a creative and innovative look to your home. Watermelon Welcome Mat from Curatedinterior.
Do you like creativity? If so, making a DIY wreath looks very interesting to complement the summer decorations in your home. Faux sunflower is the main material used in making this DIY project. Assembled into a pinepple-shaped wreath, this faux sunflower will look absolutely gorgeous. Equipped with a faux coconut leaf on the top, will make this wreath look like a real pineapple. Displayed on the front door, this pinapple will be the perfect focal point in your summer decor.  Pineapple Sunflower Wreath from Decorhomeideas.

Make the summer decorations in your home more festive than usual. Garland is one of those ornaments that can enhance any summer and season décor. Lemon garland is one option that will never fail in summer. Instead of using real lemons, you can use lemon ornaments made using colorful fabric. Assembled into a garland will make this lemon fabric present a very beautiful and colorful appearance. Hanging on the wall, this lemon garland fabric manages to bring your summer decor to life. DIY Fabric Lemon Garland from Architectureartdesigns.

You will never fail to bring sea shell crafts to complement your summer home decor. This wall hanging made of sea shell will never fail to make your summer decoration more perfect. Combined with branches and succulents, this sea shell wall hanging will successfully present a perfect natural charm. Hanging it on the wall using a rope, successfully makes your wall stand out from before. Sea Shell Wall Hanging from Completely-coastal.

To complete the summer decor, making seashell crafts is a pretty interesting idea to try. There are many crafts that you can make using this seashell, one of which is lampshade. Made using four rows of seashell, this lampshade will look very unique and can inspire everyone who comes. Paired with a table lamp made of metal will make it look very perfect. These DIY project ideas will never fail to enhance your summer decor. Seashell Lampshade from Completely-coastal.

This wall art will never fail to be used to complement the summer decor in your home. This flamingo wall art was made with a DIY project and will never fail for a summer theme. Made using wood material, making it manage to present a real farmhouse appearance. The rope at the top of this flamingo wall art serves to hang it so that it is safer and there is no need to be afraid of falling. Hanging it on the wall will make it perfectly exposed. Flamingo Wall Art from Shelterness.

Are you looking for a suitable window treatment in the summer? Seashell garland is the solution. Made with a DIY project will make this sea sehell garland look so creative and inspiring. Having a fairly long size, will make it work well as a summer window treatment. Hanging frame windows will present a dazzling look in summer decor. And when exposed to a gust of wind, this seashell garland will present a sound that is quite indulgent to your ears. Sea Shell Window Treatment from Inmyownstyle.

This DIY suncatcher is perfect to complement your summer home decor ideas. Made using thin semicircular glass will make it work perfectly to receive the reflection of sunlight. Crafted with a watermelon pattern, this suncatcher looks absolutely gorgeous in summer and so inspiring. It’s not enough just one, you can hang three DIY watermelon suncatchers on the window glass so that it will provide double benefits. Besides receiving the sun’s rays, this suncatcher will be the perfect window treatment in summer. Watermelon suncatchers from Craftsbyamanda.

Who would have thought this half watermelon skin could be an interesting craft?. You can make a DIY flower vase using the rind of half a watermelon so it will look unique and different than usual. Arrange some sunflowers into the watermelon vase so that it will look very beautiful and attractive. Placing it on the table, will make it a centerpiece that is quite attractive in the summer and can inspire. This DIY object craft is quite easy and suitable for all walks of life. DIY Summer Centerpiece from Homebnc.

Make your indoor plant look more beautiful than usual! making DIY pots is the solution. The watermelon pattern will serve as inspiration for this DIY pot. First, prepare all the equipment such as terracotta pots, watercolors and others. Then make a watermelon pattern on the terracotta pot using a combination of pink, green and black so it will look very beautiful. Finally you can use it to plant a house plant and place it on the table. With this DIY watermelon pot, it managed to steal the show. DIY Hand Painted Watermelon Flower Pot from Diyprojectsforteens.

Instead of buying them at the store, you can make DIY candles to complete the summer decorations in your home. Watermelon would be a great theme for your DIY summer candle ideas. After preparing the equipment, you can make this watermelon candle with a combination of green, white and pink colors. Adding black dots to the candle will make it look like a real watermelon. Having a size that is not too big, it makes this watermelon candle look very cute and is loved by both children and adults. Watermelon Candle from Diyprojectsforteens.

Summer is the perfect time to get creative. Pillow cover is one of the crafts that you can make to complete the summer decorations in your home. Made using yellow fabric, it will look bright and will never fail in summer. The starfish and seahorse patterns attached to the front of the pillow cover will make it look more beautiful and attractive. Throwing it on the sofa manages to steal the show while providing perfect comfort in your summer living room. DIY Pillow Cover from Completely-coastal.

Don’t throw away unused paddles! You can play with it to complete your summer decoration. There are many things you can do with this wooden paddle, one of which is making a headboard. Wooden paddles that have different sizes and are assembled into this headboard, manage to present a perfect artistic appearance. Painted in several bright color combinations, this paddle headboard manages to present a very festive look and is perfect for a summer theme.  Colorful Paddle Headboard from Countryliving.

Make your mirror look trendy this summer. Instead of buying a new one at the store, you can reuse your old mirror. The mirror frame, which is made using seashell material, manages to make your old mirror look more stunning than before. Having a square shape will make it look simple but still perfect to complement the summer decor in your home. It’s not enough just one, you can display some of these DIY crafts on the wall so that they will make your walls stand out and be quite inspiring. Mirror frame from Digsdigs.

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