The pipe cleaner is not too familiar but it can be a worth it material to create some stuff by doing DIY projects or crafts. Let’s say that you can make toys, accessories, and ornament by using pipe cleaners. Its characteristic makes it possible to be made and shaped into varied designs where it is really elastic. Moreover, the color choices give the pipe cleaners a certain impressive look that will be really proper for kids. Not to make you wait too long, here are the things that you can make by using pipe cleaners.


It can be said as the most fun project for your kids. We know that toys are everything for them, that is why we do really recommend you to do the pipe cleaner toy projects first. You can plan the concept first. It will be better if you provide the picture of the project so that your kids can copy it easily. To give you ease, here we serve you the DIY pipe cleaner toy images. Prepare your pipe cleaners now!

Pipe Cleaner Wands from Artsycraftsymom

Finger Puppet Set from Artsycraftsymom

Aliens from Artsycraftsymom

Pipe Cleaner Fishing Game from Artsycraftsymom

Spiders from Artsycraftsymom

Snakes Toys from Artsycraftsymom

Pink Flamingo from Artsycraftsymom

Pipe Cleaner Snail from Artsycraftsymom

DIY Dragonfly from Artsycraftsymom

DIY Pipe Cleaner & Straw Sculptures from Artsycraftsymom

Skeletons Toys from Artsycraftsymom

Superheroes Toys from Artsycraftsymom

Tic Tac Toe from Artsycraftsymom

DIY Trishul Toys from Artsycraftsymom

Spider Web from Artsycraftsymom

Dog Toys from Shelterness

DIY Turkey Toys from Shelterness

Colorful Finger Puppets from Todaysparent

Jellyfish from Todaysparent


The other cute thing about pipe cleaner is that it can be made to be some accessories. Let’s say that you can make bracelets, necklaces, hairpins, and more. Since the color of the pipe cleaner is really varied, then you can let your kids choose it on their shelves. They must be loving it. Here are the design references for you.

Colorful Headband from Honestlywtf

Gold Crown from Artsycraftsymom

Hairbands from Hative

Glasses from Hative

DIY Necklace from Hative

Grey Crown from Hative

Colorful Flower Ring from Onelittleproject

White Flower Ring from Onelittleproject

Butterfly Ring from Onelittleproject

Red Flower Ring from Happinessishomemade

Blue Glasses from Happinessishomemade

Pipe Cleaner and Button Bracelets from Happinessishomemade

Bunny Headband from Happinessishomemade

Heart Hair Clip from Bluebearwood

Hair Accessories from Womansday

Octopus Hair Accessories from Womansday

Blue Butterfly Ring from Thriftyfun


Getting bored with your current common home ornament? You can make some new ornament by using pipe cleaners. It will be a unique cute ornament. The colors will give fun touches to your home which is able to create a cheerful atmosphere. We have prepared some ideas for you to be copied. Enjoy!

DIY Corn Ornament from Artsycraftsymom

Green and White Tree from Artsycraftsymom

White Christmas Tree from Artsycraftsymom

DIY Flower Pot Ornament from Hative

Flowers Ornament from Hative

Hanging Snowflake Ornament from Hative

Beaded and Pipe Cleaner Snowflake from Hative

Green Christmas Tree from Hative

Hanging Tree Ornament from Hative

DIY Furniture Ornament from Hative

Wreath from Hative

Pumpkins from Hative

Red and Blue Pipe Cleaner Tree from Hative

Egg Ornament from Hative

Colorful Angel Ornament from Hative

DIY Wreath Ornament from Onelittleproject

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