Belts can be started out as a handy accessory to your pants. On this page, you can make your own DIY belt by yourself to have a stylish style. All ideas are collected in DIY Splendid Belt Ideas To Amaze Your Daily Outfit.

Petal Belt

Petal belt DIY Splendid Belt Ideas To Amaze Your Daily Outfit


Petal belt shows you a decorative function that stealing special attention. This belt is elegant and reflecting nature in its design. The supplies you need are a wide ribbon, Cricut explores, glue gun, and leather. Then, through the design, it also can become a quick focal point to your outfit where you can free pair it with bright clothes.

Bow Belt

Bow belt DIY Splendid Belt Ideas To Amaze Your Daily Outfit


A bow belt can easily pair over a dress to emphasize simplistic beauty. The supplies you need to create this bow belt are fabric, matching thread, iron-on interfacing, two sets of hooks and eyes, and a sewing machine and tools.

Lace Belts

A lace belt is a delicate belt to bring mich softness to your outfit. The materials you need are plain fabric, patterned fabric, mid-weight interfacing, lace trim, and D-rings. Besides, this belt will beautifully complement any color of your clothes. Last, lace does not discriminate while it fits with absolutely every color and material.

Scarf Belt

In the fall season, scarves are great staples for your outfit. Here, you can create a unique twist of scarf belt by taking an old belt, a silk scarf, and an X-Acto knife. Then you will have a new interesting belt for your outfit.

Velvet Belt

It is an example of an extra sophisticated belt. You can create your own by having an elastic band, brown velvet, needle, thread, scissors, clasp, and press stud.

Glitzy Interchangeable Belt

Look at this captivating belt, it is a versatile belt that can be worn with any outfit for any occasion you have. The materials you need are a black wide elastic belt, metallic fabric, cardboard, X-Acto knife, cutting board, fabric scissors.

Wrapped Belt

Wrapped belt DIY Splendid Belt Ideas To Amaze Your Daily Outfit


This belt wraps around your waist to emphasize your shape. You can go for a softer fabric that will not feel suffocating and give you much comfort as any garment should.

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