Mason jars are versatile and budget-friendly. You can do anything with these materials. There are hundreds or maybe thousands of DIY ideas using mason jars. Furthermore, you can find a mason jar in almost any home. Even, it can be there are ten or more mason jars in your kitchen. So, why don’t use them to create other functional items for your home? In this article, we give you ideas to display flowers with mason jars. Check them out further below to get more inspiring ideas.

Vintage Blue Mason Jars

Vintage blue mason jars


Put some vintage blue mason jars in a metal milk carrier. Arrange the flowers on the mason jars and put them in the milk carrier. It looks pretty to fill the empty space of your outdoor table or any space you want. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Twine Vase Mason Jar

It looks so pretty for decorating a table with this twine vase this summer. It looks rustic and cute at the same time. Cover the mason jar you have with twine and use hot glue to finish it. So, it will never break someday. This simple step can be done in less than an hour.

Golden Mason Jar

Attach some gold leaves to the mason jar can improve its appearance. You can use this mason jar vase for almost any celebration. It looks so festive with golden touches. Put any flower on the golden vase and see how it seems so glam.

Wooden Crate  and Mason Jar

Are you wondering about a soft decoration for your front area? See this picture! It has a pretty look with a wooden crate and mason jar. The flowers with soft hues are awesome. It works well for fall decor. However, you can keep it all year long.

Fence-Lined Mason Jars

Hydrangeas are pretty for any house decor. No matter what the season is, hydrangea will never go out of date. In this picture, the owner of the house uses hydrangeas to make a line with ombre mason jars. What cool outdoor decoration, isn’t it?

Lemon Lined Centerpiece DIY

If you want to attain a good smell and pretty centerpiece decoration, you come to the right place. Look at this centerpiece decor with lemon lines that look pretty good and give good smelling. You are free to copy this idea for your summer party decoration as well.

Painted Lavender Flowers

Paint your mason jar in white and add lavender flowers to spruce it up. Then, you can use the mason jar to keep your real lavender flower. It looks simple but interesting for your living room decor.

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