Christmas ornaments are not only about greenery, stars, and string lights but also coastal. You might think that coastal ornaments are for summer. However, it is not a mistake at all to apply coastal ornaments for Christmas decor. Those will spruce up your Christmas tree to look fresher and chic. Furthermore, you will create a Christmas decor that looks so different with personal touches. In this article, we are going to show you our lists of coastal ornaments for Christmas decor. Check out!

Faux Float Ornaments For Christmas Trees

The picture shows us that faux float ornaments work well with the Christmas tree. Look at the color that reminds us of a beach atmosphere. To get this cool ornament, you need to buy foam ornaments. Then, get turquoise paint to show a coastal feeling. Plus a fishing net. Cool, isn’t it?

Beach Themed Ornament For Christmas

Beach themed ornament for christmas

Don’t throw away your old or unused bulb. Repurpose it for other functions will be more interesting. See this picture that shows us a beach-themed ornament for Christmas. The creator installs sands, seashells, and a beach sign as well. Hang this on the Christmas tree is a great idea.

Coastal Mod Podge DIY Christmas Ornament

A DIY lover will love to make these amazing coastal mod podge Christmas ornaments. However, you need to prepare decoupage and some scrapbook papers that you can get easily from the store. Then, make sure that you choose nautical and beach-inspired paper to get the coastal feeling.

Simple Glass Beach Ornament

It is a pretty easy project that anyone can make in less than an hour. What you need to do is only opening the bulb. Then, inject sands and seashells as much as you like. This simple ornament will improve your Christmas tree instantly without spending much money.

Coastal Starfish Ornament For Christmas

Get the starfish from a coastal ornament store. Then, use a copper piece as the bead. Hang it on the Christmas tree with other ornaments. Feel free to inject this starfish into a glass or bulb. It will appear more eye-catching look and keep it safer.

Wooden Anchor Ornament For Christmas Tree

Well. These anchors are easily made of wood or cardboard. To make them festive, use glitter and turquoise paint. Then, hang these ornaments on the Christmas tree. They will appear eye-catching and look different because of the color.

Seashell Ice Cream Ornament DIY

Seashell ice cream ornament diy

Arrange the seashells into an ice cream look. Then, attach each item by using hot glue. Hang the ice cream on the Christmas tree.

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