It’s Christmas time, and the preparations have already begun. The festive season is a month-long celebration of joy and happiness, from Christmas songs and shopping to decking your walls and decorating the tree.

To cheer up the festive mood and get into that spirit of the festival, we illustrate the house with colorful lights, baubles, snowbells, and wreaths. While these decorations and their colors bring so much joy and enthusiasm, most of it goes to waste once the holiday season is over. All the wreaths, the baubles, and the lights end up in the closet or the bin.

 While I do not oppose using these items to adorn your homes, I have listed ten things that you could add to your decorations and keep even after Christmas.

1. Lantern Display

An easy DIY Christmas decor is to fill lanterns with Christmas balls and baubles. The colors you choose for the Christmas balls and baubles are up to you but try and choose colors that go with the Christmas vibe. 

The decor can be kept past the festive season. You can choose to keep it the way it is or tweak it to go with the winter decorations. Remove the baubles and use them as a traditional lantern to spread some warmth in your house, or place an empty lantern to give your home that rustic look. 

2. Canvas Collage

Christmas is all about spreading happiness and bonding together as a family, so why shouldn’t the decorations be so? This Christmas, deck your walls with a collage of photos of your family and bring life to your decorations. You could always use a generic print with a wall frame that looks like it came from the 80s or use the latest canvas photo collages by CanvasPop.

The collage print is a simple yet elegant photo collage printed on a canvas that eliminates the old photo framing style. The image looks sleek even without a frame, but CanvasPop gives a wide range of options on shelves, style, size, etc. 

The best thing about these collage prints? You can keep them as personal decor even after Christmas! 

3. Mason Jar Christmas Lights

Lights are a huge part of Christmas and home decor. So why not combine the two with a DIY mason jar Christmas light. The jar filled with Christmas color lights look enchanting during the festival and can later be kept to decorate your rooms for a warm and cost environment. 

4. Holiday Shakers 

Fill up shakers with faux snow and add some miniature Christmas trees to celebrate the holiday season. The shakers are timeless and fun little pieces of decor that can be kept even after the festive season. 

5. Christmas Light Ladder

Use an old ladder and wrap it with the festival’s lights and ornaments to heighten the spirits. Place alongside a fireplace (If you have one; if not, you know what to do) or beside the Christmas tree to add to the mood. 

The light ladder is a fun and easy DIY that can be used as decor even after Christmas. Clip some polaroid to the existing string lights to add that personal touch to it, and you have yourself a very beautiful light ladder. 

6. Doormat Decorations

Plain doormats are boring and dull. Spice up your Christmas decorations and begin the party right at your doorstep. Paint your plain boring cowards with Christmassy patterns like pine trees or snowflakes to add some festive mood to your home. Keep the designs simple and neat, and this way, you can use them past the holiday season. 

7. Flowering Bulbs

Pot white flowering bulbs like Amaryllis to celebrate a truly white Christmas. Though not truly DIY, the planting and pairing of these bulbs with your surrounding decor make for a DIY experience. 

The bulbs can be preserved and serve as a refreshing form of decoration post the festive holidays. Plants and flowers are always welcome in-home styling so planting these flowering bulbs is a win-win situation. 

8. Canvas Campfire

“Oh, the weather outside is frightening, but the fire inside is delightful…” A small fireplace can add a lot to the Christmas decoration, but not everyone has the facilities to have a fireplace. The makeshift canvas campfire may not be the functional replacement to a fireside, but it sure can help create an environment like it. 
A canvas campfire is a simple drawing of a cozy fireplace on a canvas that can be moved around and hung anywhere. Decorate it with Christmas colors and ornaments for the festive season and later keep it as a solo piece as a fun home decor.

9. Cookie Jar Snow Globe

Snow globes are fun and make for an entertaining showcase. Snow globes fit the occasion of festive cheer and fit in perfectly when placed on a mantle or an open shelf to style your house. 

You can use a cookie jar or a mason jar to make a home-made snow globe. Fill it up with faux snow and add some miniature pine or spruce trees and toy snowmen to complete the look. 

10. Christmas Crochet Pillow Cover

Turn the warmth and coziness up a notch by preparing for the holiday season with some Christmas crochet pillow covers. Knit a crochet pillow cover with a subtle Christmassy vibe like a snowflake or a snowman added to it. The knitted patterns add to the festive mood and are kept after the holidays to embellish your home.

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