This Christmas, try to make a new ornament to improve your Christmas tree decoration. Leathers are more durable than other materials. Choose faux leathers that more eco-friendly and easy to find at the nearest store. Make DIY leather Christmas tree ornaments to complete your decor. You might already have paper, wood, and fabric ornaments. It is time to make leather ornaments. Let us check out our lists below to get more.

Diy Boho Leather Feather Christmas Ornament

This pretty easy ornament is made of faux leather. What you need to do is creating the feather shape. Then, apply two different colors. In this leather, there are copper and white color from tape. For the one who likes twine, these boho ornaments might so interesting.

DIY Leather Christmas Tree Ornament

Diy leather christmas tree ornament

Cut the leathers that you have bought in a rectangular shape. Then, arrange them one by one to make a tree shape. Make it secure by bright shiny bead. Hang it anywhere on the tree. This simple project can be done in less than an hour. Even a DIY newbie will be able to finish this faster.

Traditional Christmas Ornament Shape

See the picture that shows us traditional Christmas ornament shape with various quotations. You are free to use glitter, paper, or paint to write down any Christmas message. This ornament works better for any tree. No matter big or small.

Bright And Contrasting Leather Christmas Ornaments

Try to find out leathers in various colors like pink, yellow, or brown. Then, cut them into a Christmas tree look. Feel free to cut other shapes in which a star, moon, and others. Hang the trees in the Christmas tree to complete its Holiday feeling.

3D leather Christmas ornaments

If you love minimalist designs, this 3D leather ornament may interest you more than others. The wooden beads complete its look. Even if Christmas has already left, this ornament is still applicable for other seasons.

DIY 3D Leather Strap Christmas Ornament

Well, here is another 3D leather ornament that will spruce up your Christmas tree. The shape looks so eye-catching and will work well for all trees. Further, this 3D leather strap ornament brings a more natural feeling because of the shape and color.

Christmas Bauble Ornament

Christmas bauble ornament

Give more texture to your Christmas tree this year by adding this bauble ornament. It is made of two kinds of leather patterns. The base is made of a brown leather piece, while the tree is from blue bauble leather.

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