Rocks, stones, and pebbles are hard. We find them usually in a garden. Nowadays, people are more curious about them. Even, they want to make something with them. Well, all of them are versatile and durable plus cheap. Creating DIY crafts made of stones, rocks, or pebbles is a great idea that anyone can do. In this article, we give your examples of crafts from them. Check out further below and get more inspiration.

DIY Word in Colorful Rocks

Diy word in colorful rocks


Ask your kids to make these crafts with you this weekend. Collect some rocks in similar sizes. Then, paint them with different colors. After that, write down the words you like. For example “thank you”, “be happy”, “be kind”, “forgive”, or other favorite words.

DIY Elegant Stone Sconces

Having this stone sconce in your room will make it like a hotel. Look at the stone that is arranged well in a base. It seems like we are trying to bring natural elements inside our private area. The sconce with a candle is perfect for a touch of romance.

DIY Round Pebble Coasters

This cool coaster is easy to make and affordable. You only have to attach the stones to a round base. Use glue to make them more stable. Then, let the coaster to get it dry. Use it to put on a cup of coffee or other drinks you like.

DIY Beautiful Rock Chain Decor

What you need to prepare are rocks and chains. Well, this project is easy for a crafter. Attach the rocks on one using chains. Customize the colors and types of the rock to get a more artistic value. Then,  hang this craft in the window or anywhere you like.

Garden Decor with Stone Footprints

Improve your garden decor with stone footprints. You should find stones that look like a man’s footprint. Attach them to the wood or put them on the ground. Get one big stone and five small stones. Then, create the footprint look. Decorate your garden with more footprints as needed.

Mini Cactus in the Pot

Look at this hand-painted mini cactus in a pot that seems like the real one. They are made of stones. Your ability in painting is the key to making more beautiful cacti. Put these crafts on the living room table. Or, you are free to decorate other tables with these. If you are a beginner, you can make this as well in minutes.

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