A home is a place where you can feel comfortable and at ease without worrying about other people’s perceptions. It is a safe zone where you can truly be yourself and leave the professional image you have been wearing outside the house. 

However, living in an untidy and messy home can lead to grave issues such as mental and health problems. Imagine going back home after a long day of working only to be greeted with disorganized items in your kitchen and living room.  

The sight can surely make your day worse than it already is. Hence, it is important to regularly clean your home to avoid having unnecessary stress piled up. If you have trouble choosing where to clean first, why not start with the kitchen?

Having a clean and speckless kitchen can surely put you in a great mood. Who would not like to have a kitchen that is pleasing to the eyes? Besides, a kitchen is where you would regularly stop to cook, eat, or scavenge the fridge for some leftover food. 

Hence, would it not be better to do all these activities in a clean kitchen? Therefore, here we have laid out some brilliant tips and tricks that can help you clean your kitchen and leave it in a refreshing state.

Remove any clutter from your counters 

Having cluttered items in your kitchen and counters can be one of the first few things that easily catch your attention. Therefore, it is best to start by clearing the unneeded items to start your cleaning task. Make sure to identify what to throw away, what to keep and where to store the items found in these places.

By doing so, you will be able to speed up the cleaning process as you have identified the sections to which these items belong. Moreover, it is a must to slowly remove the habit of randomly placing items in the kitchen as this can be the reason for the cluttering problem. As such, after drinking your orange juice or eating your cereals, do not forget to store the juice and orange in their respective places.

Wash the Dishes  

As simple as it may sound, this can be a tiresome thing to do for certain people. However, do not let this notion become a building block for you from achieving a squeaky-clean kitchen. Those dishes need to be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid them piling up and becoming a heavy burden in the future.

To make it easier, in the long run, establish a rule for yourself to always wash the dishes right away after you are done with them. Do not wait until the end of the day or delay it to another as it can result in extra dishes to wash.

The sight of piled-up dishes in the sink and near the kitchen counter can negatively affect your daily mood. Therefore, to avoid such a thing, you must force yourself to instantly wash the dishes instead of simply putting them in the kitchen and leaving it to your future self.

Clean Your Small Appliances 

Do you have an oven that you usually use to bake some cookies or a coffee maker that runs daily to feed your caffeine addiction? Then it is best to give these items some cleaning to maintain them in their best condition.

You can start by cleaning the exterior by wiping down the dust or debris surrounding them. Then, you can continue cleaning the interior with suitable cleaning items to not accidentally damage it.

Do Not Forget the Floor 

A floor is part of the kitchen; hence giving it the treatment it deserves is very important to achieve a clean kitchen that can make you smile from ear to ear. Imagine having a clean kitchen and counters, but once you step into the space, you find the floor a little bit sticky from splashes of oil or dusty from the long days of leaving it be. 

As such, you should regularly sweep the floor with a broom to avoid stepping on food crumbs or debris. Then, you can use vacuum cleaners to thoroughly suck in that unwanted fine dirt on the kitchen floor. Make sure to focus on places such as under the fridge or table as these places can also accumulate those particles. To make it more in-depth and cleaner, mop the floor after vacuuming to wipe away those nasty oil splashes or any grimes that can be found.  


These are some of the tips and tricks that you can do to start your kitchen cleaning process. After you are satisfied with the condition of your kitchen, you can place an air purifier near the kitchen to increase the quality of the air whenever you step into the space.  

By cleaning the kitchen, you will gain a sense of happiness and relief as you no longer have to deal with seeing it being a messy sight. In addition, your mental health will also be affected positively as you do not have to bear unnecessary stress due to having an unclean kitchen. Therefore, start now to experience a clean and fresh kitchen for your happiness.

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