Have you known that DIY products can be sold? Handmade things are attractive. They are unique and fun to make. We can find various DIY products in Amazon and other craft stores. Don’t you want to get dollars from them? There is no special training in making crafts. You should be more creative and innovative. If you want to get inspiring DIY ideas to sell, check out our list below! See each item and make your DIY products this week.

DIY Cool Keychain

Diy cool key chain


What do you want ta make for fathers day? Well. You can buy any product from the store. But, creating a simple thing by hand for your father is a nice thing. Look t this DIY cool Keychain. It looks so simple but cool, doesn’t it?

DIY Tote Bag

Do you realize that the use of plastic bags will create a disaster for the next years? People nowadays are more recognize that a tote bag will be much better than those plastics. Having a tote bag will save the budget from buying plastic bags. Furthermore, it can be reused again and again. And, we help the earth to be healthier.

DIY Dinner Napkins

Anyone can find dinner napkins at the store easily. However, they will not get the unique one except DIY napkins. This is not a hard project. Even, you need not have sewing skills. Customize the dinner napkins with your personal touches. Then, try selling them at Amazon or other online stores.

DIY Beautiful Resin Jewelry

DIY jewelry items made of resin will be one of the best things to sell. Everyone wnt to appear stylish. And, jewelry will improve their appearance. Resin jewelry items are becoming popular day by day. Those are versatile for any style and will not be out of date.

DIY Handmade Soap

Organic cleaning products are more popular and will grow further. People nowadays are going back to nature. And, they will use organic soap as well. Who doesn’t want to have beautiful skin without any risk? Organic soaps give all we need. Furthermore, it does not consist of chemical things that will make the skin dry.

DIY Candle for Home

DIY candles are easy to make. Furthermore, you can add fragrances to make them have a pleasant odor. You will need bulk wax and scented oils to get a different DIY candle from others that are sold at the store. Sell it under $100.

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