Earthy product is supposed to be in its natural material look. It means that better for you to let it stay true with its original color. Well, maybe sometimes you’ll get the material that looks old or shabby and you don’t think that you will like it. Here, you can give a few touches or furnish it just to make it looks clean, a little bit sleek, and proper. You should consider letting it has its natural look so that you won’t lose the earthy impression and stay on the path in creating the earthy product for your DIY home decoration.

Basically, there are many things that you can have for your DIY earthy product, but here we do recommend you to use rattan, jute, and sisal as those materials are quite flexible and easy to be made into varied products. We will show you the design references that have been classified for each material.

Rattan Material

Rattan is the most popular material commonly used for home decoration projects. It can be made into many things like furniture, home accessories, or ornament. Not to be too strict with the earthy concept as you have to let the rattan be in form of its original color, you can add a little bit of color not to make it looks boring. However, please choose the right colors so that you won’t lose the earthy impression you want to bring.

DIY Rattan Sunburst Mirror from Shelterness

Painted Rattan Plate from Shelterness

DIY Painted Rattan Wall Art from Shelterness

Candle Holder from Shelterness

Round Rattan Clock from Shelterness

Decorative Rattan Basket from Shelterness

Rattan Mirror Frame from Thelovelydrawer

DIY Rattan Placemat Wall art from Thelovelydrawer

Wall Clock from Apartmenttherapy

Rattan Pendant Light from Apartmenttherapy

Rattan Jewelry Organizers from Apartmenttherapy

Rattan Basket from Diys

Painted Pouf Stools from Diys

White Rattan Box from Diys

DIY Rattan Plant Stand from Jenniferperkins

DIY Rattan Basket Makeover from Shelterness

DIY Rattan Headboard from Remodelista

Jute Material

By using jute rope, you can have an easier DIY project. As it is in form of rope, then it will be easier to be shaped. Also, you can have choices here. Whether you want to make the new product or just redecorate your old stuff. For the redecoration project, you can stick around the jute rope into the vase, jar, lampshade, and more. Then, for the new product, you can make a placemat, lantern, small rug, and more. Here are some possible DIY products you can make by using the jute material.

Jute Lamp Shade from Homebnc

Round Jute Carpet from Homebnc

Decorative Wine Bottle from Homesthetics

DIY Jute Lantern from Homesthetics

DIY Jute Placemats from Diyjoy

DIY Jute Cord Tin Can from Knickoftime

Jute Candle Holder from Homesthetics

DIY Utensil Crock from Feelitcool

Jute Rope Pendant Light from Feelitcool

Round Jute Table from Feelitcool

Mirror Frame from Feelitcool

DIY Jute Trash Can from Homebnc

Wall Hanging from Diys

Jute Covered Vase from Mydesiredhome

Glass Jar Holders from Homesthetics

Decorative Candle Holder from Homesthetics

Round Jute Carpet from Bobvila

Sisal Material

Some of you might not familiar with the sisal material. But, trust me that you saw it somewhere at least once. The product result will be quite the same as the jute products. But, it is different if you take a look into the material closely. Just like the rattan and jute material, sisal can also be made into varied products from the basket, placemats, ornament, jar decoration material, etc. Try to find the possible designs from the references we have provided below and choose the one that will match your needs.

DIY Sisal Basket from Makinghomebase

Sisal Covered Glass from Makinghomebase

Round Mirror Frame from Makinghomebase

DIY Sisal Carpet from Onekingslane

Beige Sisal Carpet from Onekingslane

Sisal Mat from Onekingslane

DIY Coffee Table from Persialou

Sisal Covered Vase from Sandandsisal

DIY Sisal Vase from Huffpost

DIY Sisal Trivet from Huffpost

Rectangle Sisal Mirror Frame from Sandandsisal

Sisal Planter from Sandandsisal

DIY Sisal Table Coffee from Sandandsisal

Round Sisal Tablecloth from Deavita

Photo Frame from Deavita

Sisal Covered Table from Deavita

Decorative Candle from Deavita

So, which material will you choose for your earthy home decoration touches? All of those three materials are great and almost the same. Although the rattan material characteristic will be quite different from the jute and sisal, rattan is always worth it to have. If you find out that having the rattan material gives you some difficulties, then you can simply choose the easy projects as we have provided varied design references.

Hope you get a good experience and the best references here. Happy crafting!

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