Collecting toys is not only for kids. Even kids at heart can find joy in collecting different toys at any stage of their lives. You may attribute the surge in toy collection to the nostalgia that people feel every time they see their favorite childhood characters transformed as a funko pop vinyl or action on display. Toys are also more exciting to collect compared to other items since you can touch it and re-pose it based on your fantasy scenes any time you want. 

Starting a toy collection does not have to be complicated. But you need to know how to get started in this hobby to ensure that you will spend your hard-earned money on toys that will never lose their value over time. 

Choose A Toy Line

There are plenty of toys to choose from when thinking about starting a toy collection. The variety of choices may leave you overwhelmed if you have no idea where to start. To make the selection process easier, you must find a toy line that captures your interest. It can be something that you wanted to collect as a child but was not able to do so because of your parents’ objections, or the characters of a movie franchise that you love. Once you choose the characters or themes that you want to collect, you can proceed to look for its funky pop vinyl or action figure version then start building your collection from there. 

Identify The Limited Editions

Funko Pop vinyl toys are almost everywhere. You may find it in both online shops and physical toy stores wherever you are. But there are times when the character that would complete your collection will be close to impossible to obtain. For example, finding the 10” Superman Pop Vinyl Figure could take some time because the toymaker made only a few pieces. So if you happen to find these limited editions readily available in stores, you need to make your move right away so you can add it to your collection.  

Keep The Boxes If Possible

Most toy collectors would suggest keeping the toys in its original packaging. It is one of the most clever ways to help maintain the toy’s value. If you need to take the toy out of the box for inspection, you must take extra precautions to avoid damaging the package. If you have space, you need to store the toy inside the box when displayed. Aside from keeping its value, the box will also protect the toy from dust and other harsh elements. 

Understand The Language 

Like other hobbies, toy collecting also has its vocabulary. It is necessary to understand how avid toy collectors speak if you plan to purchase more toys for your collection. One of the most useful terms that you must learn is the meaning of MOC, which stands for “Mind on Card.” The toy has a card and is covered in a bubble. Another essential toy collecting phrase is MIP/MIB, (Mint in Package/Mint in Box.) Both terms mean that the brand new toy is sealed securely in a non-carded package. You need to check out these labels before buying a new toy for your collection. 

Toy collecting could be a worthwhile project. Not only will it remind you a lot about your childhood, but it can also allow you to have a tangible investment that could become more valuable over time. So make sure that you know all the essential tips to start a toy collection to help you get what your money is worth.

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