Door handles have a vital role in ensuring the safety and privacy of your home. The design you pick for your door hardware adds to the personality of your home. Choosing half moon door handles is an excellent way to give your space a new look, as these timber handles are a preferred choice over the past few years. If you put them at your front entry, it can contribute to the home value. They can also liven up other areas of your house, like in the kitchen, bathroom, or cabinetry.

If you want to update or add texture to your doors and pieces of furniture by using half-moon handles, here are some things to consider:

Aesthetic Appeal

The shape and style of your door handles should complement the other decorations in your home interior. The good thing about Luna door handles is that they can go well with many styles, whether it is modern, classic, minimalism, etc.

Also, you need to consider the finish of your door handle, as it can complete the look of your door. Choose a finish that can protect and enhance the wood grain. It should be able to give your timber half-moon handle a rich sheen, acquiring the most natural look. 

Ensure Security

One of the main reasons why homeowners change their door hardware is to increase their home security. So, besides the aesthetics, take into account the security of your door handles, particularly on the entry door. Make sure that your door and handles can do their job in protecting your home against potential intruders. If security is the primary concern, look for grade 1 or 2 door hardware as they are tested and have the highest grade for security. You can use these pull door handles for both commercial and residential uses. 

Opt for Comfort

Comfort is of the utmost importance when using pull handles, especially in high-traffic areas in the house like the bathroom and kitchen. Find out how those door handles feel on the hands. Are they convenient and comfortable when you open and close the doors? You should be able to open the door even when using an elbow if your hands are full. 

Remember, the function is also a crucial factor when choosing your door hardware. In such a case, half moon door handles make a great choice as they are typically fitted away from the door frame, reducing the risk of catching your knuckles between the door frames.

Ease of Installation

Another factor to consider in selecting half-moon door handles is how easy it is to install them. The majority of these door handles are easy to install, and they often come with a paper mounting template that you can use when drilling holes through your door. Besides, you can always seek the help of a DIY enthusiast to assist you with the installation.

Mind the Cost

Set your budget before you conduct market research of the best half moon door handles for your home. You have a lot of options from fairly simple handles to high-quality ones. You can easily find a top of the line door handle with the right style at an affordable price. 

Selecting the right half-moon pull handles involves some considerations. Do not forget that they should match with the door or piece of furniture, wherein they will be used. It means that you should know the thickness, width, and how your doors and drawers’ swing. Approach your door handle buying in the same manner that you would proceed other home décor tasks. 


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