Are you a garden lover? Designing your garden to look more attractive and arranged well is a must. Don’t let your garden appear messy. Build your own DIY potting benches will be much better. So, you will get a cute spot of your pot plants and flowers. Furthermore, you can use the extra space for storing garden tools as well. In this article, we will show you inspiring bench projects that easy to make. Check out!

Simple Free Potting Bench

This simple potting bench looks awesome for anyone who loves to plant. There, you are free to store garden tools as well. If you love a colorful potting bench, feel free to give it color as you like. Just make sure that you have woodworking skills.

Potting Bench With A Table

Look at this cool potting bench that completed well with a worktable. You are free to put your pots on any shelf. Furthermore, it has extra space to keep your garden tools like a bucket and other things. Pu this potting bench anywhere in your garden.

With Large Working Area

If you are the one who loves to build a new plant almost every week, this potting bench may work better for you. Look at the large working area on the top and garden tools storage space underneath. It looks pretty simple and easy to make.

Inexpensive Potting Bench

If you have a few wooden pallets, you can copy this potting bench. The design looks like a chair but with storage underneath. The pots are hung in the wooden pallets. Some pots are arranged well in the worktable. Then, the garden tools and other pots that are not in used saved well underneath.

DIY Cedar Potting Bench

There are various ways to put your pots. However, a potting bench will spruce up your garden look. In this picture, we see that a DIY potting bench is truly doable. Even a DIY newbie can make it too. Of course, it will need more time to do.

Classic Potting Bench

A classic potting bench is pretty enough to complete your garden decor. We love the color and design that is so attractive. It has some details like drawers, shelves, and a working table that combined well. To create this, you may need 1-2 weeks.

Modern Potting Bench

This potting bench looks so elegant in white. It has a worktable that large enough to put some pots. The wire screening also amazing.

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