Do you get crazy to think about how to create fascinating garden ideas in your home? Here we have collected DIY projects where the results are spectacular and your family member will enjoy it all time. All the ideas are rounded up in DIY Garden Ideas To Serve A Playhouse For Your Family Member.

A Covered Outdoor Tech Hub

An outdoor tech hub would be a dreamy set up for a family who loves sports and immersive entertainment. Here, you can install a high-end home theater or a golf simulator enclosure so you can enjoy top-notch leisure surrounded by the refreshing greens of your garden.

Garden Noughts And Crosses

Garden noughts and crosses DIY Garden Ideas To Serve A Playhouse For Your Family Member


This is an example of a low maintenance garden puzzle where your family member can enjoy. To create this garden project you will need a few slates and some painted pebble markers. The complete materials needed are cement, river sand, 40x40cm outdoor pavers, washed gravel, treated pine post offcut, paving paint, wheelbarrow, pointed trowel, rubber mallet, paintbrush, circular saw, outdoor paint in black and white, shovel, and rake.

Garden Race Track Ideas

This garden race track idea will keep your mini racers on the straight and narrow. Besides, you can also plant a little shrubbery in the grassy center.

Back Garden Mini Golf

Back garden mini golf DIY Garden Ideas To Serve A Playhouse For Your Family Member


If you are dreaming to have a golf yard in your backyard then this idea is perfect for you. This mini golf is so funny and creative.

DIY Treehouse

It is time for you to create an ultimate childhood cubby for your children. Besides, when you have the time to create this treehouse is that you have control over the design.

Climbing Frame Ideas

This is another fascinating idea of garden space where you can create a climbing frame for your child’s exploration. There are also popular features such as swings, slides, monkey bars, and rope bridges. Do not forget to lay a good layer of soft bark or rubber tiles to save your kids’ hands and knees.

Rowing Boat Sandpit Ideas

Your kids are wondering to be a captain? This rowing boat sandpit idea will drive your kids’ to achieve their dream that has endless fun traversing the high seas with this unique sandpit. Besides, you can also build a simple boat structure from plywood and do not leave the drill holes for drainage.

Garden Cinema

If you are hosting a party and you want to serve a different atmosphere of a party you may try this idea. It is a must for you to have a decent off speakers and projector. Besides, you can prepare a bedsheet that will not reflect light so it will be perfect for movie nights.


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