There are many ways to decorate a home with Halloween feel. Some people use pumpkins, spiders, and of course skulls. In this article, we are going to shows you ideas of how to decorate a home with skulls. So, your home will look more like a haunted mansion with its spooky appearance. However, it shouldn’t have to finish in a dark tone. Some designer applies white, red, even gold skulls to decorate the room for Halloween party.

Decorative Gold Skulls DIY

Decorative gold skulls diy


You can find easily the faux gold skulls in the nearest store. Then, paint them in gold. To keep Halloween feel, you are free to put them on the table. Furthermore, these skulls add glam creepy around the home.

DIY Skull Cake Stand

Attach a plate onto a decorative plastic skull and paint them in the same white color. Then, serve creepy food on top of it. This creepy skull plate is easy to make in less than a day. The white color makes it seems to disappear.

Metallic Bookends for Halloween

What about these bookends? You will feel afraid of the skulls, won’t you? The metal color makes it more eye-catching and chic. Furthermore, it works well for almost any home decoration. Just arrange your book and add some flowers to spruce it up.

DIY Skull Vase Flower

This sophisticated decoration is all you need to get a creepy room. The creator combines skulls and pumpkins with a dark color tone to gain a spooky atmosphere. Complete your Halloween decoration by adding snacks and candy.

DIY Skull Candleholder

Just take a plastic skull from a dollar store and paint it in gold. Use it as a candleholder to spruce up your Halloween party decoration. These ideas will not spend much money. Even, you can use the old plastic skull on your storage.

DIY Skull Halloween Candle

Print skulls pattern from the internet and apply them to your candles might be a great and simple idea. You don’t have to draw the skulls by hand. Consider printing various sizes for different candles to get a creepy and chic Halloween decoration.

DIY Creepy Skull Wreath

Creating this handmade skull wreath might make you feel so creepy and spooky. Look at the black skulls that look like watching at you. Further, this wreath will be hung in the front door to welcome your guest. Imagine how your guest’s feelings will be?

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