October comes soon! Have you prepared yourself to welcome Halloween? Adding skulls, pumpkins, spiders might become the most common idea to decorate a home. However, there are various creative ways to upgrade your home to look like a haunted house. It can be about candles, bats, and even corns. In this article, we give you creative decoration ideas for Halloween that will inspire you. Let us check out further and see which one will work well for your house!

DIY Apothecary Jar For Halloween

Take some mason jars or any jar in your storage. Then add some eyeballs, spiders, mice, or other creepy elements for each jar. Then, use them as a centerpiece in your living room table or display them as a mantel decor.

DIY Magnetic Spiders On The Door

Give a shocking therapy to your guests by attaching some magnetic spiders on the door. Some of them may realize that these spiders are not real but look so creepy. Feel free to spread them out on the walls as well. Your kids will love this decoration.

DIY Floating Candles

Seeing these candles that flow around the house will remind you about a horror movie. The candles are arranged well without further decoration, but already look so spooky. Imagine someone is waiting for you at the end of this room will be so scary.

DIY Candy Corn Decoration

See this candy corn with a colorful look. Instead of applying dark or grey color decoration, the owner of this house chooses to display candy corn from yarn for a Halloween decoration. Yes, Halloween is not only about dark.

Flying Paper Bats For Halloween Decoration

In this picture, the owner of the house displays flying paper bats near the staircase. Feel free to apply them to other rooms. Customize the size based on your necessary. These bats will give you a huge impact on your Halloween decor.

DIY Printable Spells Book

You don’t have to buy the spells book, but print the cover from the internet. Attach it on one of your novels or other books in your bookcase. Then, use this spells book for your mantel decoration to get a spooky room feel.

Dark Mice Anywhere

Imagine that you see mice anywhere in your house, it is more than just creepy. For the one who doesn’t like mice, they look spookier than ghosts. Make the mice from black cardstock, so your house looks like infested by rodents tonight.

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