Halloween is actually all about transforming into something dreamy just like a mermaid costume. Here, you will see a gorgeous mermaid Halloween costume that pretty perfect either for adults and kids. Therefore, without further ado, let us check all the ideas on DIY Mermaid Costume Ideas For Adults And Kids You Can Make This Halloween.

DIY Modern Mermaid Costume

Diy modern mermaid costume DIY Mermaid Costume Ideas For Adults And Kids You Can Make This Halloween


This is an example of an astonishing mermaid costume for adults. This modern mermaid costume also asking your detailed makeup skill, a golden bodysuit, and a crown made using a headband and glass marbles. Thus, you may use an old pair of fishnets to create a perfect fish-like face. After that, you can use any color palette you like such as from purples, to hues of green, and to blues. Besides, do not forget to create the headpiece with an elastic headband, hot glue, small glass marbles, and netting material.

DIY Felt Mermaid Costume

This costume is creative and playful to spruce up your Halloween. To create this costume, you will need felt glue, fabric-tac, spray adhesive, gem tac, powder tac, felt, tulle, shells, old workout clothes, scissors, glitter, lace trim, elastic, and ribbon.

DIY Coffee Filter Mermaid Costume

Diy coffee filter mermaid costume DIY Mermaid Costume Ideas For Adults And Kids You Can Make This Halloween


This is a fantastic little mermaid’s fishtailed that comes to life. It shows color coffee filters in ocean hues for an artistic whimsical look. To create this mermaid costume, need plain white art apron, tank top, coffee filters, acrylic paint (in ocean colors), paintbrush, glue gun, and roll of easel paper.

DIY No-Sew Mermaid Crown

In creating a mermaid costume, it does not mean you have to create a whole custom from up to bottom. You can just add this crown then your kid will look likes the real mermaid. This is a perfectly royal under-the-sea-inspired crown that layer felt seashells, starfish, and also seaweed. This crown will need a Cricut maker, craft scissors, low-temp hot glue gun, wool blend felt, art markers, small plastic pearl beads, white seed beads, blue sequins, and a green headband.

DIY Mermaid Costume With Leggings

This costume is transforming a pair of easy-peasy leggings into a maritime masterpiece. Thus, the supplies you need are fish scale metallic leggings, three feet of glittered tulle, and fabric glue or sewing machine.

DIY Maternity Mermaid Costume

This stretchy shimmering fabric captures your mom-to-be shining then your baby bump will take center stage. The supplies you need are mermaid poly spandex for a skirt, green oil slick, metallic turquoise 4-way stretch.

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