The spirit of Halloween comes from any space in your home. It will be much better to decorate your window as well to complete your Halloween feel. There are many ways to get a haunted window look. A creepy and cute window will also be festive. In this article, we will give you interesting pictures of window decorations for Halloween. Moreover, the elements used here are inexpensive. Let see further below to get more inspiration!

Window Decoration With Black Cat

Window decoration with black cat

Pay attention carefully to this window decoration. It is not a real black cat in the bay window but a decal. Feel free to make the decal with black paper or you can buy it in the nearest store. It so simple but gives a huge impact on the window.

Cute Colorful Bat

Cute colorful bat

If you don’t like a dark element, try this cute colorful glass bat for your window. However, you will need a certain skill to cut the glass into a bat shape. Then, hang it in the window. You are free to just buy the bat from the store.

All White Ghosts

All white ghosts

It might be so creepy when some white ghosts fly around the house. In fact, white ghost decals give your house a cute look. Attach them to the window to get a Halloween atmosphere but with less budget. Feel free to create them or buy them.

Big Ghost Decal

Big ghost decal

Another way to add a white ghost decal to the window that so easy to do. Seeing this ghost will not make you afraid. The ghost is smiling at you and the pumpkins make the window looks much more interesting. Will you get this for your window?

Light Pumpkin In The Dark

Light pumpkin in the dark

This pumpkin will shine in the dark. So, for the one who wants to make the haunted house brighter, this pumpkin will help to do it. Furthermore, the pumpkin can be used for decorating inside and outside of the house to give a brighter look.

Glass Sun Catcher

Glass sun cathcer

This sun-catcher works well for a house or car windows. Look at its cute appearance that will not make us scared. Further, it can be removed easily when Halloween finished and reuse for the next Halloween time.

Wicked Witch Window Art

Wicked witch window art

Look at this dark witch on the window that is only a paper decal. You are free to customize the sizes based on your window. Feel free to make it in other colors too.



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