How many plastic bags are there in the rubbish bin? It might be ten or more. People use plastic bags to carry anything. However, plastic bags are polluting the land and water immensely. They become a threat to animals living and earth too. Furthermore, the chemical released by plastic bags will make the soil infertile. What do you think? Reusing them in other ways will save the earth. Check out our list below! We have collected budget-friendly ways to repurpose plastic bags.

DIY Outdoor Pillow

Diy outdoor pillow


What do you think of an outdoor pillow? If you make it from fabric, it will be wet because of the rain. Making it from plastic bags will be much better. Look at the picture! An outdoor pillow made of plastic bags will be more durable. It will not easy to break just because of the weather changes. 


DIY Pom Pom Light

Let us make outdoor looks more impressive! We can make DIY pom-pom lights from plastic bags. Buying outdoor lights might cost much. It will be better for us to make them by hand. Take some plastic bags, do some cuttings, and attach the bulbs. Check out more about how to make it here


DIY Woven Plastic Basket

Don’t talk about eco-friendly if you haven’t made a single thing from a plastic bag. Look at this woven plastic basket! You can make it, right? It is a super easy project that anyone can do in less than an hour. As long as you have many plastic bags, you are free to make as many as possible. Check out the tutorials here


DIY Coin Purse

Keep all coins in this purse to prevent them lost. Making this purse is not hard at all. You will need plastic bags, scissors, thread, masking tape, a zipper, and a sewing machine or sewing needle. Check out how to make it here.


DIY Flower Pot Plastic Bag

Flower pots from plastic bags are not new things. What about creating a DIY flower pot plastic bag this week? You can make it in minutes. You will get a new pot for your new plants and save the earth. 


DIY Plastic Bag Lamp

It is the cool project ever! You will need cardboard and a plastic bag to make the lampshade. Then, use an LED light to spruce up your room. Put this lamp on your nightstand and get a better sleeping time.


DIY Plastic Wallet

You can have this beautiful wallet as well. We love the color combination that looks so elegant. Check out here to see the instructions. Feel free to customize the design you love.

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