The frames surprisingly can be used not only to display pictures or paintings but also ornaments and craft products. With that fact, you can use the frames to complete your winter decoration this year. The frames are recommended since they can create a more presentable look for any things that you add there. In this case, the things that you add to the frames are not always applied inside the frame but you may install them passing the frame border which can give a more aesthetic impression. Also, don’t forget that you can make this framing project on your own. For your inspiration, we have compiled some ideas for you with images and explanations. Get them now!


Black Framed Cardboard Snowflake

This snowflake was made with a DIY project using cardboard and origami paper. The combination of light brown and blue colors produced in this snowflake craft looks quite interesting. Not only that, this snowflake craft is also decorated with beaded and mini snowballs ornaments that make it look perfect this winter. Then you stick it on a piece of paper and put it in a black frame so it will look more perfect. Here you can also add a snowflake sticker on the front so it will look more beautiful and stunning. Black Framed Cardboard Snowflake from @nosideescreatives.

Wooden Framed Christmas Tree

Doing a DIY project to make winter crafts is a creative idea that you can try right now. Here you can make Christmas tree crafts using yarn material. You can create a 3D design and paste it on a white piece of paper to make it look neater. Then you can decorate this Christmas tree craft with white beaded so that it will give a snowy appearance. Here you can also complete this Christmas tree art with a wooden frame so that it will make it look more elegant. Finally, you can display it on the table so that it is successfully exposed and can steal attention. Wooden Framed Christmas Tree from @honeydohoney_home.

Glowing Reindeer Frame

It’s time to get creative! Here you can make DIY winter frames to make winter decorations more perfect. Reuse old frames that have been stored for a long time! You can create a winter scan with reindeer as the main role. Add branches and some snowflake ornaments as complementary decorations so that it will make this winter frame look more festive and suitable for the winter theme. But just like that is not enough, here you can add a fairy light so that it will provide beautiful lighting while making this winter frame look very festive. Finally you can display it on the table along with other ornaments and be ready to thrill the winter decor in your home. Glowing Reindeer Frame from @pastelscene_photo_and_styling.

Felt Santa Craft

Santa is one of the figures that will never fail to complete the winter decorations in your home. Instead of buying Santa ornaments at the store, here you can make your own so that it will bring a creative and inspirational look to your home. This Santa craft is made using felt material by means of glue so it is very safe for children. Having a combination of red and white will make him look like the real Santa. Then you can display this Santa craft using a DIY frame made using an old book so it will look different than usual. Finally, you can place it on the table with other ornaments so that it will make winter decorations more interesting. Felt Santa Craft from @monamona0207.

White Framed Snowman

Do you like crafts? If so, try making this winter craft. This snowman art is made using patterned paper material and on paper as well so it will look attractive in a simple way. Equipped with a hat and scarf will make this Santa Art look more beautiful and perfect. Then you can insert this Snowman art into a white frame to make it look more beautiful and attractive. Having a size that is not too big, this framed snowman is perfect for display on a table. Here you can display it with other ornaments so that it will make the winter decorations in your home more lively. White Framed Snowman from @stitches_and_interiors.

DIY Framed Candy Cane

This Candy Cane was made with a DIY project using rope material so that it will present an aesthetic look. Made by weaving, this candy cane craft has an artistic value from each woven. Painted in white, will make it look more perfect and match with anything. Then you can decorate it with white flowers and a little touch of evergreen so that it will make it look more beautiful. Then you can complete this candy cane craft with a wooden frame that is painted with a white theme so it will look more perfect. Displaying it by hanging on the wall will make it the perfect focal point in your home. DIY Framed Candy Cane from @Dying_to_diy.

Winter Wonderland Scene

This winter frame is made with a DIY project that manages to make it look creative and very inspiring. Made using paper material and has a 3D design, making this winter frame manages to steal the attention of everyone who sees it. Having a winter wonderland scam theme, will make it very suitable to complement winter decorations in your home. This winter frame has a size that is not too big so it fits on any display. This DIY winter frame idea is very interesting to try and will never fail to make your winter decorations look more beautiful. Winter Wonderland Scene from @heatherweavingdesigns.

Button Mitten Art

Express your creativity right now! Making winter crafts with DIY projects is an interesting idea. Here you can create a winter frame with a mitten theme so that it looks unique and different from usual. After installing the equipment, here you can create a pattern mitten on burlap media. Then you can apply glue according to the pattern that has been made and stick the button on it until it becomes a mitten shape. It has a combination of white and red, making this mitten art look perfect in winter. Not only that, this mitten art is also equipped with black frame which will make it look very perfect with a rustic look. Button Mitten Art from @upyonderdesigns.

Gnome Art

Making a winter frame with a gnome theme is an interesting idea that you can try now. Here you can make gnomes on flannel media by gluing it so that it is simpler and still looks attractive. This gnome art is also equipped with a beanie that will make it look more perfect. Then you can use a black frame to display this gnome art so that it will become a beautiful and artistic winter frame. Having a size that is not too big, makes this winter frame craft looks very suitable on the display on the table and successfully inspires everyone who comes to see it. Gnome Art from @playfulcrafts.

Chalkboard Winter Sign

You will never fail to make DIY winter frames to complement the winter decorations in your home. It doesn’t have to be complicated, here you can make a winter sign using chalkboard material. This winter sign is made by hand-painted so it looks very creative and contains joint values in each line. Having a winter scan theme, this winter chalkboard sign looks perfect. Don’t forget to complete this winter sign chalkboard with a frame made with a DIY project using the wood material. Done and your winter sign frame looks very creative and inspiring. Chalkboard Winter Sign from @hermannfurniture.

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