Plastic is a problem for Mother Earth. It creates pollution and contaminates the marine system. What are we going to do with this? Using plastic bags causes many problems for the sea. Moreover, it can eventually poison humans when we eat fish. But, we can remove them in everyday life directly. We need more time to have a new habit of not using plastic bags anymore. We have collected budget-friendly ways to repurpose plastic bags. Check them out further below! Most of them are easy to copy.

DIY Plastic Bag Lamp

Diy plastic bag lamp


Make your room brighter with this lamp. Pick up cardboard and plastic bags. Make a box from cardboard. Then, make a lampshade with plastic bags. This lamp is eco-friendly with an LED light bulb. Get better rest with this lamp and wake up with energy.

Pom-Pom Decoration

You can’t deny that making pom-pom with plastic bags is cool. You only have to cut it out and shape the pom-pom. Oh, a kid can do this craft in minutes. Make pom-pom as many as possible and decorate your bedroom with them. It will be more durable. We can reuse it for years.

DIY Plastic Yarn

Do you want to change your wall decor? If you don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy new items for your walls, making plastic yarn will be the best way. It only needs plastic bags that you will not use anymore. Create it and decorate your wall with it.

DIY Plastic Bag Flower Pot

You will need more plastic bags. Then, shape them to make this pot. Customize the size you want. Use it for indoor and outdoor plants. 

DIY Plastic Rug

Here is a great way to repurpose many plastic bags. Create your design by customizing the sizes, colors, and patterns. It works well to complete your living room decoration with a plastic bag under the seating area. Awesome! You can make it with your kids in your leisure time.

DIY Plastic Wallet

You will need an iron and plenty of plastic bags. Decide what design you love. This adorable wallet is also durable. Sell it online, or you can use it for yourself. Make it more interesting by adding pearls or diamonds. Then, you can give it as a gift to your friend. Cool, right?


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