Winter comes and goes by days. But, the sweaters that you have worn so far are still in your closet. You might buy the new one next year. So, what will you do with the old ones? Some people will give them to a charity or do the sweater makeover while others turn them into new things. If you want to make something new from your old sweaters, look at our list below. We have collected gorgeous ways to repurpose old sweaters into new things that are functional and chic.

DIY Winter Wine Bottle Wrap

Diy winter wine bottle wrap


Cut our sleeves and tie them up with a ribbon to beautify your wine bottle. This winter wine bottle warp looks so cool for a dinner purpose. Or, you can give this to your neighbor as a gift. Furthermore, it is easy to make and on budget.

DIY Pretty Book Bag

Are you a book lover? You will need this bag to hold your books anytime. It is made of the bottom part of an old sweater. Add fabric flower on the top of it. Then, give a little part to it to get a cute and attractive look. Make this bag soon and buy the book as many as you can.

DIY Recycled Sweater Vase

Snip off the sleeves of your old sweater. Then, cut and shape them easily by cutting and sewing with a sewing machine. Or, you can do it by hand. Slip them to the vases you have. It will be nice to display them for winter decor.

Cool Sweater Pet Bed

You can buy a pet bed for around $20 or more. However, you can make it by hand easily as well. Cut the sweater into smaller pieces or strips. Then, use them and a large crochet hook to make a simple sweater pet bed. Make your little dog happier in winter by sleeping in this warm bed.

DIY Flower Sweater Pillow

It is a cool decoration for any living room style. Adding a flower pillow will improve its looks to be warmer and more welcoming. Making your own flower pillow from sweaters is a great idea. It is worth enough for your room decor with almost no budget.

DIY Felted Sweater Hearts

What mind-blowing craft! These DIY felted sweater hearts aren’t just cool but also interesting for your decor. You can put them indoor and or outdoor. Cut the red sweaters into a hearts shape. Then, sew them by hand. After that, stuff them with old sweaters or other things you have.


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