What will you wear today? Have you prepared your accessories to complete your style? It will be much fun to wear something that is made with your own hands. Having your own DIY accessories will show your personal touches. Feather accessories are usually worn in fall and or winter. However, you are free to wear it anytime. Even for a formal party. In this article, we have collected DIY feather accessories that are easy to make by hand in minutes. Check out further and get inspired!

DIY Feather Headpiece With Chain

Diy feather headpiece with chain


If you want to wear bohemian style for your fashion today, complete it well with a feather headpiece. This is not a hard thing to make. Just buy the chain. Then, add feathers in several parts. Style it as you like. You will do this project in minutes.

DIY Cool Feather Headwrap

This head accessory works well for anyone. No matter what her style is, the cool feather headwrap will warm up her appearance. Buy suede or leather cord, jump rings, beads, feather end crimps, and of course feathers. If you have prepared all the things needed, just create the headwrap.

DIY Feather Black Earrings

What a beautiful earring, isn’t it? Making a pair of earrings with feathers is not hard. Just connect the hook, jump ring, black jump rings, and feather. Combine this ring with other black outfits. It will make you look so stylish in fall or winter.

DIY  Dramatic Feather Bracelet Cuff

Let your appearance be more dramatic with this feather bracelet. Feel free to choose other colors to fit your style. For fall or winter, adding this feather bracelet will make you look smarter and chic. And, this bracelet will never go out of date. You can wear this for other seasons as well.

DIY Aesthetic Blue Feather Hair Extension

What about this? DIY blue feather hair extension will spruce up your style. No matter what the season is, this hair extension gives you a bright look. Don’t worry about your hair color. This blue feather also looks great for any hair color and style.

Pretty Feather Headband

Are you looking for hair accessories that look expensive? This pretty feather headband might be what you need. Creating this headband is not hard at all. Just attach the feathers to the headband by using hot glue. Combine with silver leaves to make look glamour. Wearing this accessory for a party will make you look elegant.

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