How many boots are in your closet? If you are the one who loves boots, you might have more than then boots, aren’t you? Boots are versatile. You can wear them any season. From now on, boots come in various styles that will make you look stylish as footwear. However, you will find the same boots anywhere. It might you and your friend have the same boots. Adding DIY touches will make a big difference. In this article, we have a list of DIY boots makeovers to inspire you.


DIY Cool Pearl Embellished Booties

How does this boot look like? It seems prettier with more pearls on the back, right? Sure, this project will ask you to attach the pearls that have been cut a half. Use hot-glue to make them embellished well to the boots you have. Even, a DIY newbie can do this project as well.

DIY Attractive Studs Boots

Adding studs to your boots will spruce up the look. Well, it may need several minutes to add the studs. However, you will love the result. The old boots you have will look brand new with a cool appearance. Sure, it will be so much better than buying the new ones.

DIY Easy Bohemian Boot Makeover

What about this idea? Adding lace trim to the old boot is not a hard thing to do. You only need to buy the lace trim. Attach it to the boot by using hot glue. Or, you can sew it carefully. However, this project will need more techniques to finish.

DIY Makeover Boots With Chain

Instead of buying a new pair of boots, why don’t you hack our old ones? In this picture, we see black boots that look more interesting with the chain. You can do so for your old boots. Add the chain on the top to spruce up the look. Moreover, these boots will look stylish with a chain. So, you can wear them any season.

DIY Beautiful Floral Boots

Floral touches make these boots more feminine. Don’t think too hard. The way to add a floral pattern to the boots is not hard at all. Just prepare the floral fabric. Then cut it out into the pieces needed. Then, attach them to the boots by using glue and mod podge.

DIY Pretty Glitter Sole Boots

These pretty sole boots are elegant and glamorous. Add more glitter by gluing the boots and pour the glitter around. Anyone can do this project easily. Sure, it is cheap.

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